February 16, Lithuanian Independence Day

Important | 2023-02-15

On Thursday, February 16 Lithuania is celebrating its independence. Do not miss the festivities, which start already on Wednesday evening with a free concert at Žalgiris Arena and continue with performances, museum visits and other events.

February 16 for all of Kaunas academic community is a special occasion. On this day in 1918, The Act of Reinstating Independence was signed. Four years later, in 1922, the University of Lithuania was founded.

“The restored State and the development of national higher education contributed to a huge breakthrough in interwar Lithuania, which surprised the foreigners visiting our country”, says Dr Audronė Veilentienė, the Head of the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Museum.

February 16 is the perfect day for finding out more about Lithuania’s turbulent and interesting history. Use this day to visit the Kaunas city museum free of charge. Interactive exhibitions and gamified experiences will introduce you to the personalities and historical moments of Lithuania and Kaunas. A visit to the Historical Presidential Palace, which prepared a special programme for the day, and to Vytautas the Great War Museum will add to the experience.

However, the best celebrations are always connected to music and dance. That is why, Kaunas city is gifting everyone a free concert, which will take place in Žalgiris Arena on the evening of Wednesday, February 15 at 7 pm. At 3 pm on Thursday, Kaunas folk groups invite everyone to a concert at the Kaunas Cultural Centre terrace.

Also, make sure you do not miss two performances of Freedom Bolero by AURA Dance Theatre at the Romuva Cinema at 2 and 4 pm on the 16th.

The events mentioned above are only a small fraction of everything that will be happening in Kaunas on February 16. Just go out, take a bus (public transport is free on that day!) and you will find much more action in the city. Freedom must be celebrated, remember that always!