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Below you will find the list of all KTU experts by their areas of expertise, departments and topics. If you wish to contact any of our experts, please always address the KTU Public Relations Project Manager, tel. +370 626 59136, e-mail:

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Assoc Prof Andrius Chaziachmetovas

Impulse, digital electronics and devices, microprocessor devices and measurements, ultrasound electronics, noninvasive control methods, optoelectronics.

Assoc Prof Gintaras Dervinis

Industry communications and controllers, SCADA systems, distributor control systems, control systems, regulators, intellectual control systems.

Prof Darius Gailius

Measurement sensors, devices and systems, processing of results, power electronics.

Assoc Prof Saulius Japertas

Wireless networks and systems, life span of radio devices, technical protection of information, electromagnetic compatibility, designing of radio networks, cyber security.

Assoc Prof Darius Kybartas

Antenna, radio waves, high frequency electronics, biomedical engineering, ultrasound.

Assoc Prof Algimantas Valinevičius

Interactive electronic systems, electronic security systems, electronic systems for cars, system efficiency.

Faculty of Informatics


Assoc Prof Tomas Blažauskas
Virtual reality, smart connections, programming systems and perspectives.

Mikas Binkis
Photography, virtual photo tours design, photography of lightning, photo technology, information technologies.

Assoc Prof Jonas Čeponis
Study programmes of the Faculty (extracurricular studies, study exchange), development of studies and their perspectives, cyber security.

Prof Robertas Damaševičius
Scientific evaluation of studies, cloud computing, smart technologies, robotics.

Assoc Prof Sigitas Drąsutis
Programming, WEB programming, user interface.

Kęstutis Jankauskas
3D, 2D animation, multimedia and its technologies.

Julijus Jakutavičius
Media technologies. 

Nerijus Jusas
Cyber security and protection of IoT.

Prof Egidijus Kazanavičius

Integrated solutions for e-content management and transfer, smart home management technologies (Smart Home, Extended Home), internet digital TV and customer services, activities of KTU’s Real Time Computer Centre.

Assoc Prof Antanas Lenkevičius
Digital graphics, graphics programming. 

Ignas Martišius

Prof Alfonsas Misevičius
Heuristic, genetic and other optimisation algorithms, methods and algorithms for optimisation.

Assoc Prof Armantas Ostreika
Image processing, computer graphics.

Prof Gintaras Palubeckis
Algorithms for counting geometric intersections, data structures.

Assoc Prof Danguolė Rutkauskienė
Distance and e-Learning. 

Assoc Prof Tomas Skersys
Semantic technology. 

Mindaugas Vasiljevas
Smart interfaces, neurocomputing, virtualism, programming.


Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business


Prof Vytenis Sinkevičius
Robotics, automatics and control, technological sciences.

Prof Kazimieras Baršauskas Ultrasound Research Institute


Prof Liudas Mažeika

Ultrasound industrial measurements, nondestructive measurements, measurements for research.

Design Centre


Assoc Prof Rūta Valušytė
Design Centre activities, projects.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design


Vytautas Barzdaitis
Vibrodiagnostics, monitoring, mechatronics.

Assoc Prof Kęstutis Buinevičius
Biofmass boiler plants, domestic boilers, ecological energetics, rational energy usage.

Assoc Prof Antanas Čiuplys
Metal technologies.

Prof Vytautas Dagilis
Energy, heat pumps, cogeneration plants.

Prof Egidijus Dragašius

Prof Romualdas Dundulis
Mechanical engineering, industrial design, industrial technologies.

Prof Rimvydas Gaidys
Mechanical engineering, digital methods.

Prof Vytautas Grigas
Mechanical engineering, biomechanics, digital modelling and analysis of mechanical and biomechanical systems.

Assoc Prof Juozas Gudzinskas
Energy saving in the fields of heat production, distribution and usage.

Assoc Prof Vaida Jonaitienė
Textile and clothing industry, polymers and engineering design, furniture and wood industry.

Assoc Prof Kazimieras Juzėnas
Industry engineering.

Prof Artūras Keršys
Transport engineering and research.

Prof Edmundas Kibirkštis
Media engineering.

Prof Alvydas Kondratas
Mechatronics, adaptive systems, mechanical engineering, measurements.

Assoc Prof Valdas Lukoševičius
Centralised heat supply and cogeneration, technology economy, regulation and pricing.

Prof Gintautas Miliauskas
Heat exchange and mass transfer, spray technologies.

Prof Arvydas Palevičius
Mechanical engineering, non-contact investigation of mechanical, optic and other systems.

Assoc Prof Egidijus Puida
Renewable energy resources and technologies, research of energetic qualities of fuel.

Assoc Prof  Antanas Rimantas Sudintas
Fuel energy.

Prof Pranas Žiliukas
Mechanical engineering, dynamics, biomechanics.


Institute of Mechatronics


Algimantas Bubulis

Mechatronics in medicine.

Rolanas Daukševičius

Dynamics of micro-macro mechatronics systems.

Assoc Prof Aurelijus Domeika

Integration of technological health systems into workplace.

Assoc Prof Vytautas Jūrėnas

Piezomechanics, precise positioning, laser manipulation technologies (land and space adaptation).

Prof Vytautas Ostaševičius

Innovative technologies for well-being.

Mantas Venslauskas

Usage of low and ultra low frequency of ultrasonic signals for blood circulation stimulation.

Packaging Innovations and Research Centre


Assoc Prof  Visvaldas Varžinskas
Research, projects and other activities of Packaging Innovations and Research Centre.

Faculty of Chemical Technology 

Assoc Prof Jonas Damašius

Diary research and technology, development of food (milk) product prototypes, food biotechnology research.

Prof Vytautas Getautis

Organic chemistry, organic photosemiconductors.

Prof Juozas Vidas Gražulevičius

Polymer chemistry and technology (organic semiconductors and other organic electro-attractive materials and their applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices), polymer coatings.

Prof Gražina Juodeikienė

Application of new biotechnologies in production of food and non-food products, food safety and toxicology.

Assoc Prof Violeta Kaunelienė

Technologies for environmental safety (air quality improvement, evaluation of environmental quality).

Prof Linas Kliučininkas

Environmental protection technologies, research of filtering properties of nano fibers, investigation of pollution of biomass combustion in small combustors, environmental aspects of urban transport.

Prof Daiva Leskauskaitė

Research of structure formations of biopolymers (proteins and polysaccharides) and their possible adaptations for improving textures of food products.

Assoc Prof Dainius Martuzevičius

Environmental protection technologies (measurement of indoors and outdoors air quality by chemical and biological methods, development of pollution prevention technologies).

Assoc Prof Viktoras Račys

Environmental protection technologies (water cleaning.

Prof Petras Rimantas Venskutonis

Extraction, research and usage of biologically valuable compounds (airborne aromatic materials, antioxidants, antimicrobial materials) from plants (mainly aromatic, herbal and medicinal plants).

School of Economics and Business


Prof Jūratė Banytė

Consumer behavior, Z Generation consumers.

Assoc Prof Asta Daunorienė

Quality management and costs, improving the quality of study process.

Prof Daiva Dumčiuvienė

European Union politics, EU expansion/development, euro zone.

Assoc Prof Agnė Gadeikienė

The impact of companies’ social responsibility on consumer behavior, characteristics and perspectives of socially responsible consuming, peculiarities and paradoxes of intercultural consumer behaviour.

Prof Edita Gimžauskienė

Accounting, business companies’ audit.

Assoc Prof Lina Girdauskienė

Human resources management, creative industries, knowledge management.

Prof Andrius Guzavičius


Assoc Prof Rimantė Hopenienė

Tourism marketing, development of image of a state/city.

Prof Rytis Krušinskas

Finance, banking, State finance.

Prof Vilmantė Kumpikaitė – Valiūnienė

Migration processes and economic behaviour.

Prof Vaida Pilinkienė

International economics, international markets.

Assoc Prof Asta Sabonienė

Economics, export.

Prof Asta Savanevičienė

Management, strategic management of competences, human resources management.

Assoc Prof Alfreda Šapkauskienė

Personal finance management, saving, international/consolidated accounting, social accounting.

Prof Violeta Šilingienė

Human resources management, wage system design, development of leadership competences, leadership.

Assoc Prof Lina Užienė

Intellectual capital assessment.

Partnership Development and Career Centre


Lina Slavickaitė

Career planning, consulting and career coaching, mentoring, talent nurturing, formal and informal development and education, leadership, development of complementary/soft skills.

National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre


Donatas Smailys

Startups in Lithuania, KTU StartupSpace and its activities, development of startup teams in and outside the University, search for funding, entrepreneurship development and nurturing, teamwork, youth occupation.

Greta Žėkienė

Intellectual property protection, protection and management of industrial property objects, protection and management of authors’ rights objects, licence agreements, disputes regarding violation of intellectual property rights.

Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business


Jūratė Baltušnikienė

Studies, law, business law, innovations management, intellectual property protection.

Prof Daiva Žostautienė


Management School


Ignas Rumbutis

Development and management of trade mark portfolio and products.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Prof Robertas Alzbutas

Issues related to project applications, student encouragement for research, big business data analytics.

Assoc Prof Jurgita Čyvienė

Practical applications of physics in certain companies, practical project work by applying skills and knowledge obtained in the University.

Assoc Prof Vilija Dabrišienė

Higher and high education.

Assoc Prof Jurgita Dabulytė-Bagdonavičienė

Practical applications of mathematics in certain companies and certain projects.

Assoc Prof Vytautas Janilionis

Applied mathematics, big business data analytics.

Prof Giedrius Laukaitis

Innovative physics solutions, smart technologies.

Assoc Prof Narimantas Listopadskis

Efficiency of industrial production, scheduling, improving productivity of business.

Assoc Prof Bronė Narkevičienė

Teaching mathematics, significance of mathematics in general education (education of talented students, importance of mathematics to the State, society and its members), mathematics in engineering education, talent management.

Assoc Prof Živilė Rutkūnienė

Study programmes (admission, study process), practical applications of physics, materials science and nano technologies.

Prof Eimutis Valakevičius

Mathematics and economics (undergraduate and masters study programmes).

Institute of Materials Science


Assoc Prof Mindaugas Andrulevičius

Materials science, materials analysis, micro and non structures development applying optical methods.

Assoc Prof Eglė Fataraitė – Urbonienė

Materials science, polymer recycling, secondary usage of plastic, natural leather products.

Viktoras Grigaliūnas

Materials science, micro and nano lithography, periodic structures forming, their qualities’ research and applications, document security measures.

Šarūnas Meškinis

Materials science, vacuum and plasma processes, formation and analysis of diamond and other coatings.

Prof Sigitas Tamulevičius

Materials science, physics, nano technologies, micro and nano structures, document security measures.

Tomas Tamulevičius

Materials science, optical processes, lasers, formation and analysis of micro and nano structures.

Institute of Architecture and Construction


Raimondas Bliūdžius

Investigation of exploitative qualities of windows, doors, thermal insulation materials, microclimate of buildings.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Assoc Prof Rasa Apanavičienė

Sustainable development of real estate.

Vytautas Baltus

Modern architecture.

Karolis Banionis

Building tightness measurements, thermovision.

Rasa Bertašiūtė

Lithuanian architectural heritage and traditions.

Assoc Prof Rėda Bistrickaitė

Constructions of buildings, building engineering design.

Assoc Prof Marijonas Daunoravičius

Investigation of various building materials.

Assoc Prof Ernestas Ivanauskas

Contemporary technologies and innovative solutions of construction materials technologies.

Prof Andrius Jurelionis

Micro climate of buildings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies, energy saving in buildings.

Violeta Medelienė

Construction planning and managing, evaluation of monolith concrete floors and their coatings.

Edmundas Monstvilas

Energetic efficiency in buildings, thermal insulation.

Rosita Norvaišienė

Externl thermal insulation’s resistance to climate.

Assoc Prof Vaidas Petrulis

Heritage protection, history of cities, activities of the Centre of Architectural History and Heritage Research.

Martynas Purvinas

Architectural heritage of Lithuania Minor (currently Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia).

Evaldas Ramanauskas

Environmental management, territorial planning, environmental architecture, peculiarities of spatial structure of Lithuanian cities and villages.

Assoc Prof Juozas Ramanauskas

Modelling of thermal circulation in building sections, thermal bridges.

Edita Smetonaitė

Physical and mechanical properties of construction exterior and composite materials.

Juozas Vaičiūnas

Water supply and sewage systems, wastewater treatment, fire extinguishing systems.

Prof Vitoldas Vaitkevičius

Construction materials: research, resistance, properties.

Rokas Valančius

Solar collectors systems, renewable energy technologies for heat supply in buildings.

Odeta Viliūnienė

Buildings’ energetic efficiency, implementation of innovative technological and organisational solutions in construction processes.

Institute of Europe


Jonas Urbanavičius

What and why Lithuanian representatives are doing / have to do in European Union (Lithuanian position on EU issues). What is the impact of EU resolutions on Lithuania? What are responsibilities and functions of European Parliament?

Semiotics Institute


Dario Martinelli 

Popular, experimental music, The Beatles studies, media and new media, zoomusicology, audiovisual arts history, musical philosophy and aesthetics.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts


Assoc Prof Junona Silvija Almonaitienė

Historical memory and heritage, psychological aspects (conscious realisation, interpretation, impact on behaviour), various aspects of creativity, psychological aspects of leadership and management.

Assoc Prof Gintautas Cibulskas

Educational management (issues related to the management of educational system and its institutions), general education (issues in general education), leadership (especially in educational system).

Assoc Prof Nerijus Čepulis

Communication in the society of new technologies, media ecology, media and religion, media and culture development and today’s realities.

Prof Saulius Keturakis

Transformations of culture in social media, mobile apps and culture, traditions and innovations of culture and communication, digital identity – avatars.

Dr Ainius Lašas

Educational issues, politics, international politics, education, global issues in education.

Prof Rosita Lekavičienė

Emotional intelligence and social competence, psychology in business, sales, human resources, conflicts management.

Dainora Maumevičienė

Interaction of languages and cultures, impact of word in politics and business, Lithuanian localisation, impact of English on Lithuanian language and culture, language industry and technologies, translation.

Assoc Prof Šarūnas Paunksnis

Intellectual history and cinema anthropology, research in a certain ethnographic area in India, analysis of Indian nationalism discourse and its dissemination in cinematography and literature, connections of social and representational transformations.

Assoc Prof Saulė Petronienė

Importance of learning/speaking foreign languages, language and culture, language and identity, emotional intelligence, translation challenges.

Prof Audronė Poškienė

Transformation of student and teacher roles, when university is becoming a service provider, political rhetoric, manipulation – why we are buying it.

Assoc Prof Berita Simonaitienė

Education of teachers: programmes, competences, educational practices, teachers as mentors for practitioners. School management: teams, school as a learning organisation, lively school community. Educational solutions: general didactic, didactic scenarios in subject teaching, educational programmes’ management.

Assoc Prof Vilija Stanišauskienė

Career decisions (aspects to consider while choosing a career, challenges of Y Generation in a workplace), career education (challenges of choosing a career path while in school), efficient learning (how to study, to work with information, to memorise), impact of information overload and noise (Facebook, media, etc.)


Institute of Public Policy and Administration


Assoc Prof Eglė Butkevičienė

Social innovations, innovations development and their impact evaluation, development of information and communication technologies.

Vaidas Morkevičius

Social surveys.

Assoc Prof Jolita Sinkienė

Social economic development and management of cities (municipalities), strategies and marketing for enhancing competitiveness and appeal of cities and regions.

Assoc Prof Audronė Telešienė

Environmentally friendly behaviour and beliefs (active attitude, saving, mobility, waste sorting), social aspects of climate change, university studies, immigration and other demographic processes, social and cultural aspects of sustainable development.

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