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Kaunas University of Technology is the founder or a co-founder of a number of educational institutions

Research centres, institutes:

Santaka Valley Centre of Research, Studies and Business

The goal behind establishing Santaka Valley was to create an integrated centre – valley of research, studies and business for conducting public and private research, for establishment of knowledge-intensive companies and provision of knowledge-intensive services creating the added value.

Santaka Valley is a national open access centre of scientific research and experimental development (RDI) corresponding to the international standards that pools the potential of research and studies of the particularly prospective fields – sustainable chemistry and biopharmacy, future energy and mechatronics, information and communication technologies.

Santaka Valley Centre of Research, Studies and Business
K. Baršausko str. 59, LT-51423 Kaunas

Regarding lease, please contact:
Aina Simonaitienė, administrator
tel. +370 626 31981


Kaunas Science and Technology Park

Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Kaunas STP) is the largest innovation community in Lithuania. At present, there are more than 100 companies operating in the fields of IT, engineering, health technologies, social innovation, future energy, and sustainable chemistry in the Park.

Kaunas STP assists start-ups and helps already growing tech companies to increase transnational competitiveness; also it consults companies about business development, provides innovation support services; develops innovation community and fosters innovation culture in Kaunas region.

As a member of Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) “Santaka” Kaunas STP stimulates science and business collaboration. In addition, the Park involves into technology transfer processes in Kaunas university of Technology as well as being a partner of international entrepreneurship promotion projects.

ICT cluster “Digital Rocket LT” has been found recently in Kaunas STP, it connects 7 perspective IT companies. More than 100 professionals of these companies are going to provide high-class ICT services for local and international customers participating in joint projects which would not be not be possible without joint competencies.

In 2018 Kaunas STP Entrepreneurship and New Product Development Program “Evolut 4.0” has been recognized as the solution of the year for business by IASP – International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation and has won the 1st place award.

Such famous and well-know companies as international software developer “NFQ Technologies”, UAB, IT company “Telesoftas”, UAB, game developers “TutoTOONS”, IT solutions provider “iTO”, UAB, software developer “Adeo Web”, UAB started their businesses at Kaunas STP. “Amidus”, UAB managed to attract the world-wide known cloud computing company “Virtustream” from the US.

Also there are located such companies as robotic enthusiasts “Rubedo sistemos”, UAB, medical technologies start-up “Fidens”, medicine software developers “Softneta”, UAB, IoT “Singleton Labs”, UAB and other companies in Kaunas STP.

Kaunas Science and Technology Park, VšĮ
K. Petrausko str. 26, LT-44156 Kaunas
Phone: +370 37 33 30 40


Lithuanian Regional Research Institute

The scientists of KTU School of Economics and Business were among the first in Lithuania to conduct research in the scientific field of regional development. Government policies influencing the research of methodological problems in the economic development planning, preparation of the functional economic development programmes that requires scientific background and their realisation were the reasons behind the establishment of the scientific group “Regional Development Planning” at KTU School of Economics and Business. The group conducted the state-financed science programme “Regional Development”.

Increased scope of the regional development process management tasks and constantly growing need for scientific substantiation of these works, prospect and many unsolved questions led to the establishment of the independent Regional Development Centre at KTU on 14 June 1999; the main objective of its activities – integration of scientific research into the regional economic and technological development, studies and teaching. Department of Regional Development was established at KTU School of Economics and Business in November 1999.

KTU Regional Development Centre developed into the status of the current organisational facility. Collected team of scientists, international and national connections initiated the establishment of the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute. Lithuanian Regional Research Institute was established on 19 July 2000, taking into consideration the importance of the topics and the need for the regional research that developed simultaneously with the adequate local and international reformation and integration processes.

K. Donelaičio Street 60, Kaunas
tel. +370 (37) 423 251
fax +370 (37) 423 725

Kaunas Regional Energy Agency

Public institution Kaunas Regional Energy Agency (KREA) was established in 2003 under SAVE II Programme project “Establishment of Three SAVE Energy Management Agencies in the Municipality of Venice, Italy, the Region of Kaunas, Lithuania, and the Region of Reunion, France”.

KREA founders are Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuanian Energy Institute, Kaunas University of Technology and  SC “Kauno energija”. KREA unites the best Lithuanian specialists, who help solve the problems in the areas of energy and environment. KREA in a non-profit organisation, providing public services to the municipalities, companies and persons, solving the problems of energy saving, use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

The main goals of KREA activities:

  • Assistance to the Lithuanian entities while implementing the EU directives in the energy field
  • Dissemination of experience of the EU countries in energy field
  • Development of international relations and promotion of local cooperation
  • Promotion of economic and effective use of energy
  • Promotion of the use of renewable energy sources
  • Promotion of the improvement of environmental protection

Breslaujos Street 3b, Kaunas
tel. +370 (37) 491 036

Panevėžys Science and Technology Park

The goal of the public institution Panevėžys Science and Technology Park is to create an industry-oriented research and technology infrastructure and promote the development of high tech business in Panevėžys city and region.

PMTP was established on 6 April 2006 by Panevėžys City Municipality and KTU Panevėžys Institute under the project of the European Regional Development Fund and Panevėžys City Municipality “Establishment of Panevėžys Science and Technology Park”.
The project included reconstruction of two blocks of the building at J. Žemgulio Street 46 and construction of the connecting block. Office premises, conference halls and meeting rooms were equipped in the building. Total area of PMTP premises is 2747 sq. m.

J. Žemgulio Street 46, Panevėžys
tel., fax +370 (45) 401 951
mob. tel. +370 (698) 78 707

Panevėžys Centre of Mechatronics

Public institution Panevėžys Centre of Mechatronics (PMC) was established in December 2002, but the Centre’s activities began in January 2001, when a group of Panevėžys companies, research and educational institutions signed a contract on the joint efforts for establishment of Panevėžys Centre of Mechatronics at Panevėžys Faculty of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). The contract stipulated the pooling of technical base for the training of students, pupils and employees of industrial companies.

Panevėžys Centre of Mechatronics publicly opened the door of the renovated premises at the event of the 500th anniversary of Panevėžys city on 6 September 2003; the contemporary  technological training and demonstration centre housed state-of-the art equipment, the best at the time in the Baltic Region. The project was funded by the State (Phare 2001 programme, support of Panevėžys Municipality), resources of research and educational institutions (Panevėžys Vocational Training Centre, Kaunas University of Technology, other founders of MPC), and private investments (UAB “Festo”).

S. Daukanto Street 12, Panevėžys
tel. +370 (656) 71 722
fax +370 (45) 516 161

Educational institutions:

High school KTU Gimnazija

High school KTU Gimnazija was established in 1989 (former KPI Experimental Secondary School). According to the national rankings, KTUG is among the three best high schools in Lithuania, admitting only the most talented students.

The KTU Gimnazija Wall of Honour displays pictures of the winners of the global Olympiads. Pupils of this high school are not only talented in science,  but also active in creative, social activities and sports. Among the staff of KTU Gimnazija are teachers awarded by national prizes, and the teaching methods help pupils achieve extraordinary performance.

The candidates to KTUG have to participate in the tournaments of the leaders in science (MLT) during the year and to pass the entrance examination. In such a way objective admission according to the results is being determined.


Studentų Street 65, Kaunas
tel. +370 (37) 451 469

Middle school KTU Vaižganto Progimnazija

KTU Vaižganto Progimnazija is a school providing effective and sustainable system for the teenager’s development and education, based on responsible management, rational use of resources and high quality teaching/learning that is available to everyone and oriented to the teenager’s socialisation.

It is a school creating favourable environment for development of talents and providing conditions for development of the individual’s creativity, enhancing the person’s educational, social, cultural capacities and knowledge.

The School actively cooperates with the University, provides contemporary education to the young generation, and develops a programme of targeted artistic education with the specialisation in architecture.

By the decision of Kaunas City Municipality Council of 17 March 2011 with the approval of Kaunas University of Technology Kaunas Vaižgantas Secondary School has become KTU Vaižgantas Secondary School. An agreement on active cooperation was signed with KTU on 9 May 2011. The schooled became KTU Vaižgantas Progimnazija on 1 September 2012.


Skuodo Street 27, Kaunas
tel. +370 (37) 341 412

Lyceum of Engineering of Kaunas University of Technology

Thanks to the long-term cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas “Purienų” Secondary School was reformed into the Lyceum of Engineering of Kaunas University of Technology on 1 September 2014.


Director dr. Dainius Žvirdauskas
S. Lozoraičio Street 13, Kaunas
tel. +370 (37) 312 060

ISM University of Management and Economics

ISM University of Management and Economics was established in Kaunas in 1999.  The predecessor of ISM was the Business Training Centre, a well-known executive training institution in Lithuania. It was founded in 1995 by the BI Norwegian Business School and Kaunas University of Technology. Kaunas University of Technology became the major shareholder of ISM University of Management and Economics in 2016.

ISM study programmes successfully combine theoretical and practical knowledge. Many of the scientists working here are acknowledged practicians, thus they are well aware of the problems that modern business faces and of the knowledge required to solve them. University teachers are also pursuing active academic activities through researching.

Today ISM:

  • First private university in Lithuania;
  • All levels of studies: Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies;
  • ISM Executive School – master of management studies and trainings;
  • Research: knowledge and business development;
  • Faculty from all around the world, average 50% context delivered by foreign lectures;
  • Exchange and double degree programmes at over 100 universities in 40 countries worldwide;
  • More than 2000 students;
  • Over 4000 Alumni.


ISM University of Management and Economics, JSC
Arkliu str. 18,  LT-01305 Vilnius
Tel. +370 (5) 212 3960