For researchers

Creative students, professional teachers and inventive researchers are the essence of KTU liveliness. The possibilities for their self-expression are provided via effective infrastructure development, creation of environment open for communication and knowledge exchange, and fostering culture of high quality research. KTU aims to provide exceptional possibilities for talented and motivated students, teachers and researchers. The University aims to attract world-class researchers, who are ambitious to conduct high level inter-field and interdisciplinary research. KTU encourages its researchers to constantly expand their knowledge and skills, and to take part in global knowledge networks. KTU researchers contribute to the world-class research results, therefore the University guarantees the financial possibilities for the researchers, who achieve excellency in research; there are various initiatives aimed to strengthen the leadership competences in KTU. The quality of research is ensured by the world-class researchers being in research management positions. All vacancies in the academic and administration positions are announced publicly. KTU Career and Education Centre and the Doctoral School consult the young doctors on their career possibilities or other employment possibilities if they change a direction of their career. KTU National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre encourages entrepreneurship of the researchers, offering them to join the first Lithuanian academic startup incubator KTU Startup Space.

Learning, possibilities to grow and develop professional skills, and to acquire additional qualification, are an important part of any career. KTU aims to ensure the competences of the researchers by providing conditions to participate in various events, trainings, project activities and international networks. You can learn about the competences and possibilities for the young researchers at the Doctoral School.


Research groups at KTU are devoted to conducting the international level scientific research on certain topics which contribute to the sustainable regional development and ensure that studies are research-based. Research groups are active at cooperation with business and talent development.

More information on research groups can be found on the website of each research group.

Intellectual property management and protection is an important part of innovation promotion process and successful technology transfer. KTU uses the intellectual property and technology transfer management system which defines the strategy, principles of inventions’ results disclosure and other intellectual activities, and the principals of financial benefits sharing. The most common method of commercialisation of the research results and generation of income is licencing. A licence is a legitimate agreement, by which an owner of the intellectual property (licensor) provides the third party (licensee) with a right to use the results of the intellectual activities (intellectual property) in commercial activities under certain conditions and in a certain manner. The researcher receives 40-60% of the income received for the licencing of patents or knowledge. In case a spinoff company is established for commercialisation of the scientific results, the researcher becomes its shareholder.


Establishment of R&D&I-based companies

The University has the first local academic startup incubator KTU Startup Space. Its main objective is the incubation of the early stage startup teams while transforming their ideas into prototypes.

  • Business model search
  • Business idea validation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Business plan preparation
  • Competition environment analysis
  • Forecasts and financial flows calculation
  • Team building
  • Prototype development
  • Prototype validation
  • Investment offer preparation
  • Investment attraction and drawing up of investment contract
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Use of financial engineering instruments
  • EU and other funds’ subsidies attraction
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Communication strategy
  • Significant increase in the amount of sales and/or users
  • Attracted investments and/or increased sales revenue
  • Vertical and/or horizontal market expansion
  • Intellectual property protection, patenting
  • Investment offer preparation
  • Investment search
  • EU and other funds’ subsidies attraction
  • Development strategy preparation
  • Search for suppliers and customers, signing of the contracts
  • Development strategy implementation
  • Export share increase
  • International sales
  • Intellectual property protection, patenting
  • EU and other funds’ subsidies attraction
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Business partners’ involvement
  • Investment project preparation

KTU Startup Space
Studentų St. 67, LT-51392 Kaunas
phone +370 641 11 191

KTU answering to the needs of the international academic community and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, provides possibilities to the researchers from around the world to publish their research results in KTU scientific journals. The Editors in Chief of the journals – KTU researchers ensure the scientific level and quality of the journals by publishing scientific articles on the important issues of the scientific community. Most of KTU scientific journals are indexed in the global scientific citation indexing services Web of Science and Scopus. To ensure the dissemination and visibility of the research, the journals are open access publications available on Open Journal Systems. Scientific articles are peer-reviewed in accordance with The Guidelines for the Peer Review of Scientific Articles Published in Scientific Journals of Kaunas University of Technology.

Currently KTU publishes following journals:

The University organises scientific conferences, seminars and other events with participation of the local representatives of research and academic institutions, State and business and industry institutions, professionals and researchers from abroad. Since 2014 KTU Santaka Valley has become an important venue for national and international events. The University’s traditional scientific events are conference cycle “Lithuanian Research and Industry”, and exhibition-competition of the young scientists “Technorama”.

Conference cycle “Lithuanian Research and Industry”. The main objective of this event is a discussion of the nationally important issues on the subject of relations between research, studies and industry. During the event the latest research results in different fields of science are being introduced, analysis of the integration issues in Europe, a process of its economic development and global market, a discussion of the strategy and quality of the preparation of specialists takes place.

Exhibition-competition of the young scientists “Technorama”. The event is aimed at finding new talents, encouraging society’s interest in technologies and attracting investors from business sector, who could help the researchers to develop their products. Each year more than 50 works of the inventors from various universities are displayed at the event. The exhibition is visited by more than 2,000 technology lovers.