Board of Academic Ethics

The University’s culture is based on the academic values and ethical principles formed in accordance with the Magna Charta of the European Universities and the European Charter for Researchers. KTU considers promotion and cultivation of academic culture its main priority, therefore academic ethics at the University is supervised and implemented by the Board of Academic Ethics.

Notification about ethics violation

Should you have any notification about violation of academic ethics, please send it to

  1. The Board responds to the violations of academic ethics in accordance with the Code of Academic Ethics approved by the Senate; it examines the statements of KTU employees and students regarding the violations of scientific, professional, communication and behavioural ethics.
  2. The Board promotes the provisions of academic ethics in KTU community, does not tolerate discrimination based on the person’s sex, age, ethnicity, nationality or social background, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, language, disability, political views, social or economic status, does not tolerate violations of moral and property rights of the institution’s intellectual property and copyrights, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty.
  3. The Board does not examine the misconducts of KTU employees that are examined under the procedure set by the Code of Labour, as well as the academic misconducts of students and unclassified students that are examined under the procedure set by the Academic Regulations.
  4. The Board does not undertake to respond to every letter, however, clearly motivated statements and complaints will be examined in its meetings. Anonymous letters are not examined.


(approved by Senate’s Decree
No. V3-S-48 on 19 06 2019)

  1. Prof Diana Adlienė
  2. Prof Mindaugas Daukšys
  3. Lect Julijus Jakutavičius
  4. Assoc Prof Vaida Jonaitienė
  5. Assoc Prof Violeta Kaunelienė
  6. Prof Donatas Levišauskas
  7. Stud Joana Jasilionytė