What is more important in introducing yourself to the world – numbers or emotion that the brand is evoking? We all get stuck, we fall, forget, and make mistakes, but rapidly evolving technologies can help us – KTU corporate video playfully represents human imperfection.

The idea of the video was refined and implemented by KTU Marketing and Communications Department and Milk, the best creative agency in the Baltic States.

All factual information about the university is available at


Inspired by the periodic table of chemical elements, the KTU logo reflects the University’s versatility. All elements have their place in the logo: from faculties and institutes to art societies and sports teams. Different parts of KTU are united by the same goals: internationality, interdisciplinarity and technology transfer.

Author of the logo: Džiugas Valančauskas


Coat of arms

All the University’s regalia that is used for formal and ceremonial purposes is marked by the KTU coat of arms. It is composed according to strict heraldry requirements: the shield is divided into three fields; heraldic colours (tinctures) and their combinations, and clear symbols are used.

The upper left field of the shield – Kaunas city coat of arms – indicates the place of the establishment of the University. The upper right field – the gold symbol of matter on a blue background – embodies the light of science. The bottom part of the shield contains an open book with the University slogan “Scientia, ingenium, virtus!” (EN “Science, creativity, virtue!”) in Latin.

Author of the coat of arms: Arvydas Každailis

Coat of arms style guide

Style guide (brand book)

KTU’s visual identity was created by combining various aspects of the University’s mission: it is contemporary and fundamental, technological and subtle, visually economic and expressive.

For the consistent and systematic use of KTU visual identity, all cases of logo usage have to be agreed upon with the KTU Marketing and Communications Department.

Authors of the guide: Ieva Filipova, Ugnė Krasauskaitė

Official presentation (ppt) template

KTU PowerPoint presentation template

KTU viewbook

KTU viewbook “Tomorrow is now” is for all members of the University community who wish to introduce the University to external partners.

It is a concise guide about the University’s achievements that make the world a better place to live, work and grow; about technology for people, and about the fact that tomorrow begins today.

The presentation (ppt) about the university template

KTU viewbook PowerPoint presentation template


The text should be in Archivo and Inter font families. Alternative font – Arial.

General colorite



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Discovered Erasmus

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GO Abroad Fair

HEX 4a16cd da5a15 edbdab 07949e

Cafe Erasmus

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Colorite by area


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HEX 183da6 8cb3ff c4d8ff 5125a6 ba9dfc

Sustainable development /
Green University

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Administration /
Strategic indicators /

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Pupils /
Academic Services /

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Everything from fun, useful gifts to unique, elegant business presents can be found in the KTU e-shop. Modern accessories, innovative technology solutions for everyday use, and classic design elements will not only brighten up the office but will also be useful for everyone travelling or working in today’s fast-paced world. KTU e-shop offers exclusive merchandise for everyone: here you can find an accessory or a gift for yourself, a friend or a colleague. KTU merchandise is designed not only for the students or employees of the University but also for everyone interested in technology-based design.

Made in KTU

Made in KTU is a one-of-a-kind merchandise line representing products whose design is based on a sustainable and contemporary synthesis of science and design. The unique features of these products have been created by Kaunas University of Technology scientists, and the aesthetic expression – by talented designers. The scientific innovation-based products are created in laboratories for daily use, reminding the importance of science in everyday life.

Desktop backgrounds

Use the University’s photo as a background for your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Choose an appropriate resolution and save the picture. Activate the selected picture as a background according to the instructions for Windows or Apple computers, or on smart devices by following the instructions for Android or iPhone.


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560


Resoliution:  2560 × 1440
For smart devices: 1152 × 2560

Resoliution: 320×480 ▪︎ 1024×768 ▪︎ 1440×900 ▪︎ 1600×1200 ▪︎ 1680×1200 ▪︎ 1920×1080 ▪︎ 2560×1440

Resoliution: 320×480 ▪︎ 1024×768 ▪︎ 1440×900 ▪︎ 1600×1200 ▪︎ 1680×1200 ▪︎ 1920×1080 ▪︎ 2560×1440

Resoliution: 320×480 ▪︎ 1024×768 ▪︎ 1440×900 ▪︎ 1600×1200 ▪︎ 1680×1200 ▪︎ 1920×1080 ▪︎ 2560×1440

Resoliution: 320×480 ▪︎ 1024×768 ▪︎ 1440×900 ▪︎ 1600×1200 ▪︎ 1680×1200 ▪︎ 1920×1080 ▪︎ 2560×1440


The combination of traditions and modernity was the main idea of Pit Baumgartner, the leader of the German group of electronic music “De-Phazz” when he created the soundtrack for Kaunas University of Technology. The famous producer and music performer skilfully included a Lithuanian polyphonic folk song “Ta Ta To” performed by the folk art ensemble “Nemunas” into the University’s soundtrack “The Pulse of KTU”.

Authors: De-Phazz