KTU sports professionals created 5-exercise-workout to improve physical wellbeing

Important | 2021-06-02

Studies reveal that physical inactivity is one of the key risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases, especially the cardiovascular system and obesity. Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) professionals created a five-exercise-workout to exercise at home, outdoors, and in the gym, which can be useful to improve our physical wellbeing.

Due to the extended lockdown all over the world, the physical activity level of people declined immensely, and this may have adverse consequences to our health. Regular physical activity helps control weight and body condition, improve health and mood, reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases.

World Health Organisation guidelines recommend all adults undertake moderate-intensity physical activities that do not require special equipment or significant effort daily. The workout created by KTU sports professionals is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

According to the specialists, all adults should exercise for at least 30 minutes five times per week in moderate-intensity and no less than two times per week – to do strength-training exercises. Physical activity should be health-promoting and regular to positively affect physical ability and health.

Dr Laura Daniusevičiūtė-Brazaitė, KTU
Dr Laura Daniusevičiūtė-Brazaitė, KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Centre of Educational Competence

“For the training to be effective, use the FITT formula – frequency, intensity, time, type – that will indicate how much and what kind of physical activity you need to improve your health and physical ability”, says Laura Daniusevičiūtė-Brazaitė, the head of the project “Improvement of Creativity and Qualification of Sports Professionals”, during which a set of exercises were created.

Training programme to improve cardiovascular fitness

F – 3-4 times per week;

I – moderate-high-intensity, pulse about 60-85 per cent of maximum cardiovascular;

T – 20-40 minutes;

T – aerobic, cycling activities (fast walking, running, cardio machines, swimming, cycling etc.).

Training programme to improve muscle

F – 2-4 times per week;

I – moderate-intensity, about 60-70 per cent from maximum resistance;

T – 8-15 exercise repetitions, 30-60 minutes;

T – exercise with your body weight, with machines and weights.

Exercise with a medicine ball

A medicine ball or a slam ball weight can verify from 1 to 11kg. The ball is used in rehabilitation, strength training plyometrics or strength training to increase maximum, explosive strength or strength endurance during different training.

The effect of strength training depends on the weight of the medicine ball or the size of the resistance, the number of repetitions and rest intervals between sets, the consistency of the exercise layout, the number of exercises for one or more muscle groups. It also depends on the performance and what kind of strength will be developed: maximum strength, when muscle mass is increased or explosive force, when speed force and endurance of strength is built.

TRX belt workout

These exercises are designed for effective, professional training at home or anywhere else, both outside and in the gym. They are suitable for anyone who wants to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and overall body health.

It is an extremely fast and effective whole-body workout. This workout is very effective in improving the overall physical body shape as with only one exercise several muscle groups are trained. Just one workout warms up all the muscles.

Also, the exercises with TRX belts help to train deep muscles that stabilise the body and transmit force during movement. When training with TRX belts, your body must maintain balance during each exercise. That means that deep muscles are used in every exercise.

TRX belt workout helps to reduce adipose tissue. The TRX belt system is a great way to get rid of unnecessary kilogrammes. Usually, the exercise sessions are timed, so it is possible to adjust different speed. This training uses many muscle groups speeding up fat loss.

This functional belt system can be hung anywhere: on a tree branch, crossbar, pipe or any object around which TRX belts can be wrapped around and attached.

Body mobility exercise

Mobility is our ability to move freely without stress on the body. It is important to stay mobile and flexible at any age. This training will improve the mobility of joints and muscles, reduce the risk of injuries, contribute to effective strength training, help to get to know your body better.

Outdoor exercise

One of the biggest health benefits of exercising outdoors is getting fresh air. The human body gets much more oxygen than exercising in the gym. It significantly increases alertness, workability, energy, speeds up metabolism and removes toxins. According to experts, activities and proper breathing outdoors strengthens the cardiovascular system, immunity, reduces stomach pain, relieves signs of kidney and liver disease.

In addition, outdoor sports improve mental well-being. When body cells get enough oxygen, they release more endorphins, called happiness hormones. They improve mood, self-confidence, cause a slight feeling of euphoria. You will not need weights or other sports equipment, as you will do all the exercises using your body weight.

Workout with chairs

Workouts at home do not cost anything, but they benefit the overall health and help developing functional abilities without harm or risk to health, while also affecting physical fitness and wellbeing.

Here is a quick exercise that can be done even in the living room – only a chair and determination is needed.


The project “Improvement of Creativity and Qualification of Sports Professionals” is co-financed by the State Sports Support Fund, which is administered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and the Education Exchange Support Fund. The project aims to expand the creativity and professional development competencies of sports professionals for the promotion of physical activity and sports participants.