SKILLed FinTech: call for talented students interested in financial technologies

Important | 2020-08-25

Starting from this autumn, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will offer a specialised SKILLed FinTech study path for its students. The selected students from the faculties of Informatics, Mathematics and Natural Science, and School of Economics and Business will be invited to join classes on financial technologies.

“In recent years, financial technologies have been developing rapidly: virtual money and its investment possibilities, blockchain, crowdfunding platforms and other technologies providing services to customers or business not only became an inseparable part of our everyday lives but are also affecting the professional activities of people working in the finance industry”, says Jonas Čeponis, Vice-Rector for Studies at KTU.

According to the data provided by the Bank of Lithuania, at the end of 2019, the number of Fintech companies in Lithuania reached 119. The results of the survey carried out by Invest Lithuania reveal that 97 per cent of Lithuanian Fintech companies are planning to expand, and around half of them – to employ at least 5 new members of staff.

“In this case, the people who are proficient in a new and innovative field are needed. To work in Fintech, it’s not enough to have universal IT skills and knowledge”, says Čeponis.

According to him, although Lithuanian higher education institutions offer a wide range of studies in the IT field, Fintech industry is needing people possessing specific knowledge and competencies, which are not included in a standard curriculum. There is no study programme in Lithuania directly connected to Fintech.

KTU is responding to the current developments of the market by offering a specialised SKILLed FinTech study path, which will be available for the undergraduate students of the six KTU study programmes: Applied Mathematics, Software Systems, Information Systems, Informatics, Economics and Finance.

In order to become a SKILLed FinTech student, you will have to take part in the competition. The students will be selected according to their study results, motivation and interest in innovative finance technologies and in Lithuanian and global financial market. After completing the study path, the students will be issued the certificate proving their Fintech skills and knowledge.

Additional Fintech subjects will be delivered alongside usual bachelor’s studies; the new study path is designed in such a way that it integrates into and complements the main study curriculum and enables the students to gain additional competencies. Moreover, different projects and social activities aimed at developing the students’ entrepreneurship and personal competencies will be implemented during SKILLed FinTech studies.

KTU Vice-Rector for Studies is emphasising the challenge-based learning principle, which will be implemented throughout the SKILLed FinTech study path. The challenge-based learning techniques are being developed together with KTU partners from ECIU University.

“In other words, the students can expect not only to study additional subjects but also to participate in creative workshops and entrepreneurship projects together with their colleagues from other fields. In such a way, a fertile environment for conceiving startups will be created”, says Čeponis.

According to Čeponis, while developing SKILLed FinTech KTU can draw upon the good practices in talent development, such as KTU GIFTed community established in 2016, which has yielded impressive results – its members are winning global competitions, creating startups and innovative products, are joining educational and social activities.

Should you wish to become SKILLed FinTech student, please fill in the participant’s form in the section “Competitions” of the Academic Information System (AIS) from the  24th of August to the 14th of September and submit the required documents. For more information visit SKILLed FinTech page on KTU website.