Financial support

Citizens of Ukraine, their family members who do not have Ukrainian citizenship and stateless persons residing in Ukraine, who have fled to the Republic of Lithuania from Ukraine due to the military actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and have been admitted to Lithuanian state higher education institutions since 2022 February 24 undergraduate, graduate or integrated study programs (full-time studies), a targeted scholarship may be awarded.

The amount of the scholarship is 300 euros / month.

The scholarship is awarded for the calendar year 2022, starting in April, except for July and August. The scholarship is terminated upon expulsion from the higher education institution, termination or completion of studies, or after taking academic leave.

A person who has received a grant for living expenses under other programs financed by the European Union Structural Funds and / or the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania in the same month may not apply for the scholarship.

One-time Social Scholarships are awarded to the students, who are in a difficult financial situation due to:
• Illness;
• Illness or death of a family member;*
• Natural disaster or loss of property;
• In other exceptional cases.**

The scholarship amount is up to 980 EUR.

* When submitting applications for illness or death of family members, students must additionally attach a document proving the kinship with the person.

** Students who apply for a one-time social scholarship due to a national quarantine and material hardship due to a global pandemic must outline all the circumstances in the application and provide supporting documents to prove their situation.

Applications can only be submitted in your Academic information system (AIS), until the 14th of the current month, the decision is made by the 21st day of the current month. Requests submitted after the 14th are considered at a Commission meeting the following month.

+370 37 300 327; +3706 14 200 55

KTU students who are living in the non-renovated dormitories, who have difficult financial or social situation and do not pay more than 115 Eur for a room can apply for a dormitory accommodation grant.

Guidelines for the application of the special prices for dormitory and priority allocation

Documents to be submitted:
1. request
2. documents, supporting the circumstances indicated in the request:
2.1. certificate on family composition
2.2. certificate on family’s and (or) person’s calculated and paid salary and other benefits (from the municipality)
2.3. other documents supporting student’s material and/or social status

Applied monthly Accommodation Grant for one person at the dormitory is determined by the commission.

Scanned documents have to be submitted in your AIS by the 20th of each month at the latest.

+370 37 300 080

A reduced semester’s tuition fee may be applied to a student studying in a state non-funded study place.

The student must meet the requirements set by the University and submit an application in the Academic Information System of the University by the 10th day of the semester.

To qualify for a reduced semester’s tuition fee, the student must have: a respective entrance score, no academic debts, reached an excellent or standard level of academic achievements, a respective grade point average, no academic or disciplinary penalties, no financial debts to the University, and meet other requirements set by the University.

The tuition fee can also be reduced for a student in a difficult economic (social) situation. The amount of the reduction of tuition fee depends on the price of the student’s study programme.

Information on the possibility to apply for financial support to cover a tuition fee is provided by the International Studies Office, email


Psychological support

Studying at the University can present a variety of challenges that you may face. KTU takes full care of students’ well-being, therefore, KTU provides free psychological assistance to students.

Fill in the registration form and we will agree on the time and date of the consultation. If you are unable to attend a psychologist’s consultation at the agreed time, please inform us 3 working days in advance to re-schedule. Otherwise, students will be re-enrolled.

If you have questions please contact us via general e-mail

The duration of the consultation is 50 min. During an online consultation, the student must ensure a comfortable environment for the session: he or she must be alone, without other people or additional distractions.

If it is important to receive help sooner than the agreed consultation time, we recommend:

  • Contact the outpatient/clinic where you are enrolled – they usually have psychologists who can offer free consultations.
  • Apply to the emotional helpline, crisis management center, emergency psychological assistance institutions, whose contacts in Kaunas and throughout Lithuania can be found here.

Eimantas Lukoševičius

Eimantas provides individual psychological counseling when individual feels lonely, has disputes with his friends or family members, is suffering from anxiety or is experiencing prolonged or severe sadness, has study or work-related problems. The psychologist is interested in the characteristics of coping with stress, the mechanisms of addictions to psychoactive substances, the psychological adjustments to illnesses, eating disorders.

Eimantas advises in both Lithuanian and English.

Consultation hours: I-III – 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., V – 8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Non-consulting hours: IV – 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Marija Aušraitė

Marija provides individual psychologist counseling in following topics: mood (increased depression, anxiety), self-esteem, stress management, communication, change of unhealthy habits and other difficulties, counseling in case of difficulties in studies, such as fear of settlements, attention difficulties, delay. Also, conducts educational activities for the university community. The psychologist is interested in the possibilities of preserving and strengthening mental health, reducing myths about mental health.

Marija advises in both Lithuanian and English.

Consultation hours: III, IV – 08:00 a. m.– 5:00 p. m.

Non-consulting hours: II – 08:00 a. m. – 11:30 a. m.


Extracurricular activities at KTU for Ukrainian students


The WANTed programme is a great opportunity to develop your career competencies, plan your studies in a focused way and connect them with your future career. Participate in events, seminars, consultations on career issues, follow job and internship offers.

Interested? Write to or sign up for a career consultation in your AIS.

GUIDed mentorship programme is an educational partnership between a mentor with more experience and competencies, able to inspire, encourage, provide and motivate with all the necessary support, and a student who seeks to take the mentor’s experience and apply it in his studies or future career.

A tutor is a volunteer student who will help to deepen your knowledge in a certain field (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, etc.). Tutors can also help improve academic skills (doing written assignments, preparing and presenting presentations, analysing data).

Want to have your own tutor? Write to:

Want to spend your free time more actively? We invite you to register for free individual or group trainings at KTU Sport Club, as well as to participate in organized sports events.

Did you know that University education is more than just studying? After-class activities shape your personality, create opportunities to improve and make new real friends.

Become part of KTU student organizations and develop additional competencies.

List of student organizations at KTU

KTU has 6 art societies, in which you can have a good time, improve your dancing, singing, photography and other skills.

Art societies that you can join:

  • KTU National Art Ensemble NEMUNAS,
  • KTU Academic Choir JAUNYSTĖ,
  • KTU Photo Studio
  • KTU Theater Studio 44
  • KTU dance studio Modance
  • KTU wind-instrument band The BrassBees

Interested? Fill in the registration form and join us.


Free LSIC for Ukrainian students

Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC) is free for Ukrainian students.

We invite Ukrainian students to order LSIC – this document is required when using the infrastructure of the University, public transport facilities and various student discounts.

You can easily order your own LSIC on

In case an Ukrainian student is asked to pay for LSIC, please contact us via e-mail and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


KTU supports Ukraine

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