Registration for inter-university elective study courses (modules) at Kaunas universities has started

Important | 2024-05-06

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Vytautas Magnus University (VDU), Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) and Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) invite students to choose and study inter-university study courses (modules) free of charge in the academic year 2024–2025.

The three Kaunas universities have been continuing their cooperation in this way for three years now. Since 2022, students from the four universities have had the opportunity to study inter-university courses of first and second-cycle studies at other universities in Kaunas. This initiative has attracted much interest, with students choosing additional subjects to broaden their skills. The results of the student survey revealed that students very much appreciated this kind of initiative, enjoyed learning in a new environment and felt more motivated.

If you want to enrich your studies with new experiences and are interested in subjects that are not directly related to your chosen study programme, you are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to study additionally at another Kaunas university. We offer to acquire the following additional competencies: foreign and sign languages, psychology, three-dimensional graphics modelling, machine learning, politics, innovation and research projects, physical activity, healthy lifestyle, massage and others. The newly obtained knowledge will help you broaden your personal and professional competencies and provide additional career prospects.

Registration form. The registration deadline is 25 June 2024. Number of positions is limited.

List of courses. Before selecting a course, please read its description and consider in which semester (autumn or spring) it is taught. You can choose one course that corresponds to the cycle of your studies and is taught at another university.

You can study the elective course (module) as an unclassified student and submit it for the recognition of learning outcomes according to your university’s internal procedures. The unclassified student’s contract is made, and the study course is studied free of charge.

For more information, please contact KTU Department of Academic Affairs by email: