Global Faculty Week 2024 will welcome almost 100 participants

Important | 2024-04-04

On April 22–26, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will host Global Faculty Week 2024, which aims to enrich the study content with an international study experience at home. At KTU, the International Teaching Week is organised for the fifth time. This year, we expect to welcome more than 90 participants from 28 countries.

For the first time, answering the demands of the participants, KTU is inviting both lecturers and administrative staff to the Global Faculty Week. A training course on burnout and stress, a topic most pertinent to nowadays’ lifestyle, is offered for the guests and KTU community.

“We were searching for a topic that would be relevant to today’s society and suitable for both faculty members and administrative staff. Burnout and stress management proved to be very popular, as we received a lot of applications from interested participants,” says Monika Kačenauskienė, an Exchange Programmes Manager at KTU Department for Internationalisation.

Moments from KTU Global Faculty Week 2023
Moments from KTU Global Faculty Week 2023

The highlight of this year’s Global Faculty Week is two lectures on body and mind practices and burnout by renowned speakers Dr Simona Pajaujienė and Almantas Dulkys. The lectures are open to all participants and the KTU staff.

Excellent networking opportunities

The Global Faculty Week 2024 will welcome participants from four continents – Africa, America, Asia and Europe, who will represent almost 60 partner universities. They will deliver lectures, and share their knowledge and expertise with the University students from all the faculties. Some lectures will be delivered online, and some participants will join the programme events without delivering the lectures.

The colleagues from Peru (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) will join us for the first time in history. The largest number of visiting teachers and staff will come to the School of Economics and Business. During the Global Faculty Week, lecturers from all over the world teach at all KTU faculties, thus significantly contributing to internationalisation at home.

In addition to the professional activities, the participants of the event will be invited to a rich cultural programme, during which they will be able to get to know not only KTU and Kaunas but will also visit Trakai and Vilnius.

“A large number of participants provides excellent networking opportunities for the University community. Everyone is invited to join the Networking Cafe on 25 April at 17:00 at KTU Santaka Valley. This is a great opportunity to establish professional contacts with colleagues from all over the world for future research projects or mobility visits,” says Kačenauskienė.

International lectures equip students with essential workplace skills

The KTU Department of Internationalisation emphasises that all lectures of the international teaching week are integrated into the study modules, which means that students will not need to register for them separately.

“We are very excited that the Global Faculty Week has become a traditional University event over the years. The academic departments start asking questions about when GFW will be organised as early as September. The academic staff are actively involved in inviting their partners, and planning the lectures with visiting teachers,” says Kačenauskienė.

Lectures with visiting teachers from universities abroad expose students to different teaching styles and enhance their intercultural experience. Research reveals that internationalisation at home activities is a perfect way to cultivate transversal skills needed in any workplace, such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and understanding the ethical dimensions of the profession.

In addition, such events as KTU’s Global Faculty Week stress the role that a university has as an international agent in its local community and prepare the students to be responsible global citizens.

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