Registration for inter-university optional study subjects (modules) has started in all Kaunas universities

Important | 2023-04-13

The cooperation of universities operating in Kaunas (KTU, LSMU, LSU, and VDU) continues. We invite students to choose and study inter-university optional study subjects (modules) for free in the next academic year 2023–2024.

In 2022 students of four Kaunas universities had the opportunity to study first-cycle and second-cycle inter-university autumn and spring semester subjects at other Kaunas universities. This initiative has attracted a lot of interest from students, taking extra subjects to broaden their abilities. The survey of the students showed that they liked getting to know a different learning environment, meeting representatives of other fields of science, and were interested to discuss questions with students from other study programs. They were pleased to be able to easily coordinate their studies between the two universities.

If you want to enrich your studies with new experiences and knowledge in subjects that are not directly related to the study program you are studying, we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to additionally study at another Kaunas university. We offer to acquire the following relevant competencies: other languages, communication, psychology, civil society, innovation, health, physical activity, nutrition, and others. New knowledge will help expand personal and professional competence, and provide additional career prospects.

You can find the registration form here.

Registration is available till 25 June 2023. The number of places is limited.

You can find the list of subjects here.

Before choosing a subject, please familiarize yourself with its description and evaluate in which semester (fall or spring) it will be taught. You can choose one subject that corresponds to the cycle of study and which is taught at another university.

You will be able to study an optional subject at another university as a listener and, according to KTU’s internal procedure, you will be able to submit it for crediting the study results into your study program. Signing a listener contract and listening to a study subject is free of charge.

If you have any questions, contact us by e-mail