Registration to Technorama’2023 is open

Important | 2023-04-05

“Dive into technology!” is the motto of this year’s Technorama innovation exhibition-competition organised by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and its partners for more than twenty years. The event will take place on May 25, 2023 at the KTU Santaka Valley.

Registration for the event is open until the beginning of May, so the organisers invite everyone to register asap. Both beginners and advanced innovators are welcome.

For a participant, Technorama often provides the first chance to introduce themselves to the general public; it can also serve as a potential springboard to success.

Anyone can take part in the annual innovation exhibition – from a student interested in the world of technology, a start-up or a company developing innovative products to a professor or research group with impressive inventions, assure the organisers of Technorama.

“During the exhibition, those interested in technology will have the opportunity not only to see what has been created in the last year, but also to practically test the presented innovative solutions and to communicate with their creators. This is an exceptional opportunity to get a glimpse at what the future will look like,” say the organisers, encouraging everyone to take part in the event.

Team of international students awarded at Technorama'2018

Registered participants can demonstrate both their finished work and work in progress at exhibition stands specially prepared for them. Participants will also compete for cash prizes, which will be established by the exhibition partners.

Each work will be evaluated by an Expert Panel, made up of exhibition partners, sponsors, investors and scientific representatives, who will decide who will receive the prizes. Last year, the prize fund of the exhibition reached EUR 16,000.

Pitch Battle – one of the innovations in Technorama’2023

The format of the exhibition, which started back in 2001, changed in response to the dynamic market of innovations: the exhibition travelled to university faculties, even to shopping mall entrances, thus reaching a wider audience; paper presentations were replaced by digital ones.

During the pandemic, the organisers of Technorama took an innovative decision and moved the event to the virtual space, where the creators presented their works with the help of augmented reality solutions and other smart technologies.

Although Technorama has changed during the more than twenty years of its existence, the basic idea has remained the same – to encourage and motivate innovators by presenting their work to the general public and thus popularise the scientific and technological achievements.

This year, for the first time, a live Pitch Battle will take place on the Technorama’2023 stage. During it, participants who have expressed a desire to present their innovations live, will introduce their business potential, competitors, team and other aspects relevant to a startup during a short presentation to the Expert Panel and everyone present. The best pitches will be awarded a special prize.

KTU Startup Space staff and public speaking experts will help everyone who decided to try their hand at the stage to prepare.

Technorama innovation exhibition attracts tech enthusiasts

Focus on deep technologies

Technorama annually presents the most technologically advanced solutions created by young developers in electronics, mechanics, information technology, social sciences and humanities, health and food technology. This year, the organisers invite everyone to dive deep into technologies.

“Technorama is a part of a very dynamic innovation ecosystem, so it’s natural that we have to follow technology trends and keep pace with them. It is no coincidence that this year our gaze turned to deep technologies, which have been gaining momentum in recent years. In 2022, the European Union even announced an initiative that aims to strengthen the skills and knowledge of one million people in the field of deep technologies in the next three years,” says Mindaugas Bulota, the Head of KTU’s National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, one of the organisers of the event.

Deep technologies are the most advanced technological solutions based on significant scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. Deep technologies typically include advanced tools and techniques such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, biotechnology, robotics, electronics and photonics, blockchain, advanced materials. It is expected that these technologies will help solving pressing issues of today related, but not limited to climate change, health challenges and environmental problems.

However, Technorama exhibition-competition is a celebration not only for the participants but also for all innovation enthusiasts who are interested in innovative trends and follow the latest technological knowledge. The exhibition is open to everyone.