Apply for Erasmus+ exchange and internship by the end of February

Important | 2023-02-21

Gaining independence, learning a new language and new ways of living, experiencing a different culture, upgrading your CV, finding new friends… What would you add to the list of benefits of studying or doing an internship abroad? Apply for Erasmus+ exchange studies or internship and get ready for your next adventure. Applications are open until March 1.

Gabrielė Šarapajevaitė went to her first Erasmus+ internship in Portugal after her first year of studies in BSc Chemical Technology and Engineering. She remembers seeing an advertisement for the Erasmus+ international academic exchange programme in April and leaving for Lisbon in June.

“I managed to quickly find an internship at the INESC MN Institute of Nanotechnology and Macrosystems and get the documents in order. Since I had little experience working in a laboratory and had no idea how scientific work goes, I was very lucky to join a research team that took care of me and taught me a lot,” says Gabrielė, who is currently studying PhD in Chemical Engineering, a joint programme with the University of Bologna.

Usually, the first study or internship trip abroad just whets the appetite. While in Portugal, Gabrielė realised that summer internships are a great opportunity not only to develop professional skills but also to travel and get to know the culture of that country.

“Various experiences gained during an internship abroad contribute to the formation of a broader approach, develop personality, and encourage learning about the world. After returning, I realized that the university offers many such opportunities, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of them,” says Šarapajevaitė who has had two more internships during her study years – in Poland and the US.

Also, studying or internship abroad allows you to visit a country that you have always dreamed about.

“Via Erasmus+, I was going to France and Mexico. These experiences were very different, but they both made me grow, especially in the terms of improving my language competencies. During these travels, I visited a plethora of cities, and museums witnessed different architecture and nature, got to know local people, and had an opportunity to communicate with students from all over the world. These experiences filled me with new ideas and gave start to many interesting conversations”, says Roberta Spangelytė, studying BSc Food Science and Technology.

During the lectures at the universities abroad, she was able to use different methods and equipment and was learning to use different ways of solving scientific problems, all of which developed her creativity, communication skills, and other competencies. According to Roberta, these experiences provided her with a different outlook on the world and changed her way of thinking.

About Erasmus+ exchange

  • Apply for exchange studies by March 1. Applications to exchange studies are open by February 25 HERE.  English language testing will be on February 14, 22, and 23 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm (please register HERE). Selections at the faculties are from February  27 to March 3.
  • Apply for an internship. Applications for internships abroad are open by March 1. HERE.
  • Contact the representatives. Should you have more questions, please address them to or the International Relations Coordinator at your Faculty.