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KTU student from Azerbaijan: It’s crucial to be at the right place at the right time

Azad Ismayilov, a KTU industrial engineering and management student from Azerbaijan, already has two internships in international companies, several scholarships and a bachelor’s in aviation engineering under his belt. “Sometimes it’s about working smarter rather than hard,” smiles Azad, currently a technical records specialist in an international aviation company.

In 2019, then a second-year student of aviation engineering, Azad was looking for summer internship opportunities at KTU WANTed Career Days.

“There were not so many aviation companies at the event, so Magnetic MRO from Estonia caught my attention. I approached them and learned that the company takes care of aircraft in all aspects, from maintenance to interior, engines and beyond. Also, their main customers are Austrian Airlines, SAS, and other well-known airlines in Europe,” Azad remembers the meeting, which became an ultimate career-changing moment for him.

The student filled in the application form on the company’s website and two years later (the internship was postponed due to the pandemic) he went for the Erasmus+-funded internship in Tallinn.

Azad's first day in Tallinn, his international internship location
Azad’s first day in Tallinn, his international internship location

“Everyone sets the success bar for himself/herself, as we are all different. I always dream big and am eager to learn. During all these years, I had lots of issues and barriers, but I know that hard work pays off and I enjoy seeing success at the end. It satisfies me,” says a KTU student from Azerbaijan, when asked if his story can be considered a success story.

Came to Lithuania to follow his childhood dream

Azad came to Lithuania being only 17. He remembers it was hard at first, especially with all the friends and family in Azerbaijan. However, this was the decision he never regretted – as a result, the young man says he became more independent and mature.

“Is it worth it to accept the challenge and move to a new country? Absolutely yes! However, it is also very important to surround yourself with the right people and be in the right place at the right time. I consider myself very lucky on that matter,” says Azad.

He feels thankful to his family who supported all his decisions and thinks that it is essential not to forget where one comes from: “I feel very proud as I represent Azerbaijan.”

Azad Ismayilov graduating from bachelor's in aviation engineering at KTU
Azad Ismayilov at the KTU Graduation Ceremony

Although staying in the same KTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design, Azad chose two different study programmes for his bachelor’s and master’s – BSc Aviation Engineering and MSc Industrial Engineering and Management.

“I was in love with aviation since high school, so I followed my dream. However, my master’s programme provides me with broader knowledge and allows trying myself in a new field. The study programme combines engineering with planning, innovation, and management competencies. Thus, it is very relevant in a complex and globalised world where engineers, capable of working at the interface between business and engineering, are in high demand,” says Azad, who is studying master’s with a full-time scholarship from Education Exchanges Support Foundation.

By the way, this is not the only scholarship the gifted aviation engineer was awarded – during his bachelor’s study years Azad received KTU Talent Scholarship twice.

“I believe, that all the volunteering and extracurricular activities helped me win the scholarship,” says Azad, thus confirming the well-known truth that university years are not only about studying.

Erasmus+ funded internship – unmissable opportunity

With ESN KTU delegation in ESN LT National platform
With ESN KTU delegation in ESN LT National platform

The master’s student from Azerbaijan says that he was very active even as a high school student, and KTU is a perfect university for his type of personality – there are plenty of extracurricular activities for students to choose from.

First, he applied to be a mentor for international students and became a member of the Erasmus Student Network at KTU. After a year, Azad was already a board member of the organisation on the local level and started coordinating peer mentorship programmes for full-time international and Erasmus+ students. Later he became a National Coordinator. At the moment, he is Study@KTU Ambassador, advising prospective students on living in Lithuania, admission to KTU and other questions. In addition, Azad is also a KTU Exchange Counsellor providing information for those willing to study or travel for an internship outside of Lithuania.

Magnetic MRO headquarters in Tallinn, Azad's internship place
Magnetic MRO headquarters in Tallinn, Azad’s “office” during the internship

“For me, those activities are important as I have learned time management, teamwork, communication, leadership, and other soft skills. Also, staying active during study years helps to expand your knowledge, get new friends, and grow as a person,” says a KTU student from Azerbaijan.

Because of his active involvement in KTU international relations team’s activities, Ismayilov was well aware of all the possibilities that Erasmus+ can offer: “For me, it’s a great opportunity for students and I could not miss my chance to apply.”

According to Azad, the application process was very simple and clear. In the summer of 2021, he started to work as an intern at the Base Maintenance Department of Magnetic MRO in Tallinn, Estonia.

“This internship allowed me to put into practice the theoretical knowledge that I obtained at KTU. Moreover, I have learned about aviation legislation, the importance of human factors, safety procedures, aviation documentation, how to work with manuals and use different tools. I had great and helpful colleagues and it felt exciting to be a part of the complicated aircraft maintenance process,” remembers Azad.

KTU WANTed Career Days – a launch pad for the successful take-off

The young professional believes that his two internships (the second one was carried out at FL Technics, an international aircraft maintenance provider based in Lithuania) gave a “great kick” to his career.

“All the knowledge I have learned there, was a big plus for me while I was applying to jobs as a recent bachelor graduate,” says Azad, now working in Bluebird Nordic, an Icelandic cargo airline, based in Vilnius.

As a Technical Records Specialist, he is responsible for the technical documentation of the company’s aircraft; also, Azad is part of the Continuing Airworthiness team.

Being at the right place at the right time: Azad's visit to Iceland
Being at the right place at the right time: Azad’s visit to Iceland

“I get involved in various projects and work with different departments. As the company is growing and expanding, I am motivated to learn and grow together with it. Also, I enjoy working in the international team,” says industrial engineering and management student from Azerbaijan.

He is convinced that his first success – getting an internship with a company abroad – was not a result of his experience in the field (being a second-year student he hadn’t had any), but his motivation to learn and to start building a career from a young age.

“Never give up, keep looking for opportunities. Also, it’s very important to improve yourself – motivation and eagerness to learn are very important for companies. Try to show that,” encourages Azad everyone attending KTU WANTed Career Days 2022 next Wednesday.

He reminds his fellow students that KTU offers loads of different career advice – from improving your CV and cover letters to using career mentoring and consultations. Be sure to use all the help provided by the university, suggests Azad Ismayilov, a KTU student from Azerbaijan, whose successful career path started from an interview in the university-organised career planning event.

Use your opportunity to search for an internship place abroad at KTU WANTed Career Days 2022. For more information on “Erasmus+” traineeship grants please search at

KTU WANTed Career Days 2022, the largest career event in the Baltic countries for university, and high school students and recent graduates will take place on Wednesday, October 26 in Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. For more information, please visit:


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Communications student Viktorija: studies at KTU opened doors for career opportunities in the Netherlands

Last July, Viktorija Balčiūnaitė, a student of Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (KTU FSSAH), went to study in the Netherlands for half a year. Little did she know, that this study exchange will her provide with the opportunity to take up an important position in an international company would arise so soon.

The third-year student of Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies was thinking about studies abroad since she was a child. The idea to study in the Netherlands appeared during the school years. This encouraged Viktorija to choose the KTU study programme, which grants the opportunity to spend one semester at the University of Twente.

“When I decided to study at Kaunas University of Technology, I had already decided that I would be taking advantage of the Erasmus+ exchange program”, says Viktorija.

Although she is planning to travel and live in other countries in the future, the student is currently enjoying an interesting experience in the Netherlands.

Had a chance to know Dutch traditions

Viktorija admits that before leaving home, she was mostly intimidated by the pandemic: “In July, when I arrived in the Netherlands, I was surprised, because it seemed like they don’t know what COVID-19 is”.

The Dutch have a tradition of holding a market in the city centre every Saturday.

“I would go to the market and there would be so many relaxed people”, says Viktorija.

Everyone was working, the number of people relaxing at bars and outdoor cafes was surprising, and wearing masks was not even mandatory. Viktorija even had a chance to attend several Friday meetings that were hosted by the company she did her internship at. Later, in October, the lockdown began, and in January the curfew hour was introduced.

Effectively used various tools for distance learning

When asked about the organisation of studies during the lockdown, Viktorija says that the digital learning system at the University of Twente is truly advanced: “For group work, we used many various platforms that were adapted for different project completion stages, and it helped to effectively communicate in teams.”

The University of Twente tried to use all possible digital communication. Distant open-door days and direct broadcasts were organised, there was a possibility to learn working in groups, various university associations shared activities online.

University lecturers were very supportive and encouraged not to worry about group assignments that were done remotely.

“We had to create documentaries, and the lockdown made this task a lot more difficult. However, the lecturers tried to teach us how to beautifully visualise interviews done by computer”, says Viktorija.

Before the lockdown was part of the Uni handball team

The student admits that she did not have a chance to spend much time studying at the university premises.

“Only around 20 per cent of the time I spent at the University of Twente because all the lectures were delivered remotely”, says Viktorija.

Before the lockdow, she spent her free time actively and was part of the university’s handball team.

A big part of studies in the Netherlands is teamwork-based, so at first, Viktorija would go to the university to meet with her group and the coordinating lecturer. The theoretical exams were also held at the university: “This was the only time I saw all of my friends from the course.”

Bachelor studies are not only for studying but also for exploring yourself – the more activities you are involved in, the more useful it is to the development of your personality, – encourages Viktorija Balčiūnaitė, KTU Communication Studies and Information Technology student.

She adds that the young people she met at the University of Twente are the same as in Lithuania: “I think that young people everywhere are just trying to find themselves.”

The girl was impressed with the fact that the University of Twente has a sort of student city of its own, where you can find not only student residences but also grocery shops, barbershops, medical services.

The University of Twente encourages entrepreneurship. The community of the university creates many start-ups every year: “The company I did my internship at and that I currently work in, was also created by the students of Twente University 20 years ago.”

The beginning of a career

Before starting her studies at the University of Twente, Viktorija participated in an Erasmus+ internship, which she also did in the Netherlands, at an international company “Xsens”.

“The company creates motion capture technology and is one of the market leaders in its area. Activities of “Xsens” cover a wide area – from the technology required in creating fantasy films to autonomous car manufacturing”, says Viktorija.

The student did her internship in the marketing department: “My main goal was to develop a social networking strategy.”

Representatives of the company noticed the student’s layout and video-making skills, so she also had the role of a graphic designer. The additional knowledge of working with various programmes and her personal skills, such as flexibility, helped Viktorija in continuing her job at the company. She now continues to administer social networks by the strategy she developed during the internship.

“Even though I started the internship with the goal of creating a strategy, I successfully proved the importance of social media to a B2B (business-to-business) marketing and now I work on projects with a team”, she says.

Cultural experience

Viktorija says that the Dutch like to carefully plan the future.

“I have a friend with whom I have to make plans a week in advance even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk”, Viktorija laughs.

The Dutch are also very sporty, they ride bicycles and like jogging: “Even in the company that I work at, some people go for a run during a lunch break.”

Viktorija had the opportunity to get to know more than just the Dutch culture as she lives with students from India and Iran.

“We celebrated Christmas together. To my flatmates, Christmas is not a holiday, so I introduced them to my family traditions, told them about the twelve-dish Christmas Eve supper, we decorated a Christmas tree”, says Viktorija.

Bachelor studies are just a beginning

Viktorija admits that she really wanted to study in the Netherlands since high school, and after graduating, first, she applied for design studies there. However, at that time, Viktorija was unable to enter the university she chose. Because of this failure, she decided to take a gap year and to learn design by herself and gain more experience. After another unsuccessful attempt, Viktorija realised that she needed to try out another field of studies. Communication studies at KTU seemed like a good idea because she was not only interested in design, but was also a socially active person. Besides, her family encouraged the girl to choose studies in Lithuania.

“Thus I found a study programme that collaborates with a university in the Netherlands and grants me the opportunity to receive a double diploma, which seemed like a great prospect to me”, says Viktorija.

Students often have many fears, and it stops them from going on study exchange and using Erasmus+ possibilities. Viktorija assures that feeling afraid is a good indicator that you are doing something new, and it encourages you to explore and learn.

“Bachelor studies are not only for studying but also for exploring yourself – the more activities you are involved in, the more useful it is to the development of your personality”, encourages Viktorija.

She admits that before leaving for the Netherlands, she did not expect to receive a job offer that requires so much responsibility. However, today Viktorija has a work contract until September and plans to seek a master’s degree in the Netherlands.

Learning new concepts from experienced mechanical engineers

My name is Abhishek Buddhadev Ghosh currently in 8th semester studying bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and design.

For my 7th semester I was given the opportunity to go for an internship in Sevilla ( Spain) funded by the Erasmus+ program.

As an intern in the company my role was to simulate and analyze existing designs. It was a wonderful experience because I was working as well as learning new concepts from experienced mechanical engineers every day. All my colleagues made sure they give me detailed explanation to my questions and doubts. After this Practice I feel more confident about my field of studies. Thank you KTU, FENIKS and Erasmus for this experience.

Third time’s a charm

With Erasmus firstly I have lived in France, then Netherlands and now it is my lucky third time in beautiful heaven – Fuerteventura. After 4 months internship I have got an offer to keep working in a company, and without any doubts I said YES.
When started university, had no idea about all these exciting challanges Erasmus gonna give me. No matter how scared sometimes I was, I kept going on my way.
And now I have the job I honestly love and already feeling here like home. This place with all the nature beauty, culture and its spirit inspires my as nothing ever inspired before. Therefore I am up to do all those things I planned, dreamed but never really started. Now I am ready.

And yes, I am learning surfing, because I live now in a surfing paradise !

About “Erasmus+”

Traineeship in Norwegian University of Life Sciences

During two months of traineeship in Norwegian University of Life Sciences I have learnt many things. First of all, the aim of my practice was to perform scientific research on in vitro digestion of gradually demineralised casein aggregates and micellar casein. I was introduced to the method of  in vitro digestion and following assays of digested samples (sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, capillary electrophoresis, spectrophotometric assay using o-phthaldialdehyde for determination of proteolysis in milk and isolated milk proteins). My colleagues were skillful scientists always willing to help, share their knowledge on the results of my research and encourage to try out new techniques of analysis. Futhermore, they could always find a spare minute to discuss other topics that are not related to the research which made them rather my friends than colleagues.
This practice has helped me to improve not only as a professional in food science but also as a person who is now more self-confident, responsible and ready for new challenges.

European Parliament saluted me

As a bachelor student, for me, an internship was obligatory in order to graduate. But at the beginning, it was not that easy to find an appropriate spot. After a long research, I got an offer from YouthProAktiv, an international organization that aims to create a generation of proactive individuals ready to invest their talents for the betterment of society by starting their own business and creating jobs for themselves and the others. It was a coalition of young people promoting a culture of pro-activity and entrepreneurship in education and policy.

After the election, I was told that the organization is based within the office of the EP in Brussels, Belgium. This was really exciting news, as I have never been to Belgium.

During my internship period, I had a chance to visit the EU institutions based in Brussels, visited some other cities, including Leuwen and Ghent. Also, I met MEPs, participated in different EP and Brussels based events, and practically saw the work of the EU institutions.

Writing articles for the webpage of the organization, doing research according to the given tasks improved my skills in these fields. Based on my tasks, I was sending e-mails to congressmen and senators in the USA and this improved my official e-mail writing skills. I really gained a lot during this internship and ready to share my experiences with other students as well.

My advice for prospective students would be, first of all, apply the never give up principle in your life. And later on, try to find the most suitable and productive place, as the internship will make an impact on future job career.

Internship in University of Manchester

As a master student one of my achievement during studies participate in Erasmus+traineeship. Due I am quite picky student I wanted to do internship in UK of ability to understand locals and improve my professional English skills.

During my staying in University of Manchester, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, I learned a lot. First of all I was astonished with the Main University building, laboratories and student hubs. Second of all research group I worked with was very international and full of experience which they shared with my, although I shared my owns. I met people who closely work with EFSA, European Commission and other international projects.

Great experience, meeting new people, culture and lot more can not be even described. I definitely recommend participate in Erasmus+ and thank you for this opportunity.

Traineeship at the Embassy of Lithuania in Ireland

After finishing my master studies, I decided to participate in Erasmus+ program. I quit my job where I was working for four years, left everything behind and I let the fate set all the points. So, three month of traineeship at the Embassy of Lithuania in Ireland begins.

First of all, the biggest challenge for me, was to find a rent and settle in a new city all by myself. But actually everything went really well. I lived close to the embassy, so I could get to the job by walking. My roommates were all Irish, so it allowed me also to improve foreign language.

As I finished public administration master studies and also have politics bachelor, the Embassy was a perfect institution to improve my knowledge about citizenship policy, migration and administrative skills. Days were really busy, I had many different tasks to do, so it let me to know the main activities and responsibilities of the Embassy. Furthermore, we had many events with Lithuanian community during spring. It was really nice to see how people unites and promotes our culture. During my free time I explored Ireland and beautiful nature of it.

Overall, it was a life changing experience for me, because after my traineeship I will be employed at the Embassy and start my new career chapter in Dublin. I definitely recommend to participate in Erasmus+ program.

Internship experience in Germany

The internship period I was in gave me the best experience in know how the European people work, their culture and many people are so kind enough to share their knowledge and wisdom to me. I personally gained a lot of friends in my company and these people helped me constructing beautiful memory which I can cherish for my lifetime.

The work I did impress my seniors and higher officials, and earned respect and acknowledgement for my work. I greatly thank ERASMUS + traineeship for giving me this opportunity to go to Germany stay there and work. The ERASMUS + fund help me a lot to keep my life smooth. I again like to thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

Mr. Tahsin Esroy, from Turkey,  Kaunas University of Technology – Data Analyst Trainee

From studying in Lithuania to working in Slovakia, Tahsin Ersoy, who is originally from Turkey now finished his traineeship in Slovakia after 8 months.   Firstly, he graduated with the diploma in Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering, and afterward, he moved to Kaunas to get his Master’s degree in Computing, Informatics at Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. Let´s find out a little more about the work-life and the social life she encountered here in Bratislava.

  1. Why did you decide to take the Erasmus + internship opportunity? Why did you choose Slovakia?

During my studies, I heard a lot about erasmus, that many people went either to study or to internship. When I was studying, I could not go for an internship, but they promised me that after I graduated, I would have this opportunity. And right before the release, I began to look for opportunities all over Europe and then my sister sent me a website and it somehow worked out. To be honest, before the start of the internship, I even confused Slovakia and Slovenia. (but now of course I know the difference)

  1. What were your main responsibilities and tasks while you were on the traineeship?

My duties were to automate the workflows for the financial teams and organize the database according the needs. Moreover, created reports, dashboards and developed new projects for the business.

  1. Did you learn anything new in your field? Tell us bit more about your acquired skills and competencies.

When I came to the internship, I was completely new in this field, so I was taught everything I needed. From the beginning, my mentor and my colleagues are really helpful and they showed me the way how to do work in the company. I have improved my IT skills and really learned a lot while working. Especially, I have used databases so I get to work a lot on SQL queries and I feel confident about it. Working in a corporate workspace made me improve my communication and presentation skills.

  1. What was the most beneficial part of your work?

My team treated me like a colleague, not an intern. They just said what I needed to do or prepare and I already did it myself, as a result I learned it in a hard but effective way. Also, I had full access to the technologies they used and I had to figure out how to solve this or that problem and how to do this or that task. Besides work, it is an opportunity to meet new people, have fun and parties.

  1. What would you say about Slovakia? Have you noticed any cultural differences between Slovakia and your country?

Compared to Turkey, I noticed a lot of differences in culture, which over time I just got used to, and I felt so chill. Slovak people like the nature and spending time with it. Like hiking. For me it wasn’t really popular way to spend my time so that was really nice to experience here. I see the how nature can be really beautiful and calming place to spend. I think that Slovakia is a nice small country where everything is very close, with many beautiful and historical places.

  1. How did Covid influence your life during the internship? Pros and cons?

As an intern, it was difficult for me to get used to home office in the beginning, as it would be easier to learn and interact with colleagues, so I didn’t get to know them very well.

  1. Would you like to recommend anything to the newcomers?

Feel free to ask, talk and interact with people, I can even advise you to be open to people to make the internship easier for you.


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Apply for Erasmus+ exchange and internship by the end of February


Gaining independence, learning a new language and new ways of living, experiencing a different culture, upgrading your CV, finding new friends… What would you add to the list of benefits of studying or doing an internship abroad? Apply for Erasmus+ exchange studies or internship and get ready for your next adventure. Applications are open until March 1.

Gabrielė Šarapajevaitė went to her first Erasmus+ internship in Portugal after her first year of studies in BSc Chemical Technology and Engineering. She remembers seeing an advertisement for the Erasmus+ international academic exchange programme in April and leaving for Lisbon in June.

“I managed to quickly find an internship at the INESC MN Institute of Nanotechnology and Macrosystems and get the documents in order. Since I had little experience working in a laboratory and had no idea how scientific work goes, I was very lucky to join a research team that took care of me and taught me a lot,” says Gabrielė, who is currently studying PhD in Chemical Engineering, a joint programme with the University of Bologna.

Usually, the first study or internship trip abroad just whets the appetite. While in Portugal, Gabrielė realised that summer internships are a great opportunity not only to develop professional skills but also to travel and get to know the culture of that country.

“Various experiences gained during an internship abroad contribute to the formation of a broader approach, develop personality, and encourage learning about the world. After returning, I realized that the university offers many such opportunities, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of them,” says Šarapajevaitė who has had two more internships during her study years – in Poland and the US.

Also, studying or internship abroad allows you to visit a country that you have always dreamed about.

“Via Erasmus+, I was going to France and Mexico. These experiences were very different, but they both made me grow, especially in the terms of improving my language competencies. During these travels, I visited a plethora of cities, and museums witnessed different architecture and nature, got to know local people, and had an opportunity to communicate with students from all over the world. These experiences filled me with new ideas and gave start to many interesting conversations”, says Roberta Spangelytė, studying BSc Food Science and Technology.

During the lectures at the universities abroad, she was able to use different methods and equipment and was learning to use different ways of solving scientific problems, all of which developed her creativity, communication skills, and other competencies. According to Roberta, these experiences provided her with a different outlook on the world and changed her way of thinking.


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KTU student from Ukraine after studying in Spain: an opportunity not to be missed

Studying abroad is a huge step in every young person’s life. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not always easy, but it is an invaluable experience that provides so many international opportunities. “The wide world is waiting for me,” says Marharyta Strakhova, a Ukrainian Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) student, who went on an Erasmus+ study exchange to Spain and is convinced that this is just the beginning.

Speaking about her arrival in Lithuania, Marharyta said that she chose KTU after long research.

“It was not easy to find study programmes in the field I specialise in that are taught in English,” says Strakhova, studying BSc Chemical Technology and Engineering at KTU.

All the universities she considered for studying abroad were located in the Baltic States, which made her dad, who is a big fan of the region, especially Lithuania, very proud.

“As I’ve never been to Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia, I did a little research on each of these countries and checked out the universities there. My decision was influenced by the fact that, according to student and alumni feedback, KTU students have a very high level of employability,” says Marharyta.

After living here for a while, she believes that Kaunas is a very beautiful city and the Lithuanian cuisine is very tasty, which is just another reason to come and stay here.

Made friends with Lithuanians right away

Marharyta Strakhova_KTU
Marharyta in the campus of Polytechnic University of Cartagena in Spain

The Ukrainian KTU student says that it was not difficult for her to adapt to Kaunas. Marharyta always dreamed of studying abroad, so she was prepared psychologically to face the challenges that might arise.

“In the very first weeks in Lithuania, I met people who became my closest friends. If it wasn’t for them, I probably would have just sat in my room and missed my home and family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” says Strakhova.

Marharyta thinks that Lithuania and Ukraine have a lot in common – starting with the mindset of the people and ending with the climate. However, according to the girl who tried out a medical student’s life for a bit in Ukraine, the education system in Lithuania and Ukraine seems different.

She emphasises that students are treated somewhat differently in Lithuania, and the relationships with teachers are warmer: “For example, at KTU, for me, it is much easier to ask for a deeper explanation of a topic.”

In addition, since her first year at KTU, she has been delving more deeply into the major she has chosen. Meanwhile, in the first and second years of the Ukrainian university, in addition to these subjects, students also have to attend more general subjects, for example – the history of Ukraine, physical culture, and philosophy.

Took the opportunity to study in Spain

Marharyta Strakhova from Ukraine took the opportunity to go on Erasmus+ exchange to Spain

Strakhova says that her interest in new places has become part of her personality – she always travelled a lot with her family since she was a child.

“When I found out about Erasmus+, I realised that it was a great opportunity not only to gain international knowledge but also to experience everyday life in a completely new environment,” says Marharyta.

After applying for Erasmus+ and choosing the Polytechnic University of Cartagena in Spain, she easily got the funding.

“The process of travelling and studying when you have to change countries was already familiar enough to me, as I had to move to Lithuania as well,” says a KTU student from Ukraine.

“Why miss such opportunities?”, asks Marharyta after her semester in Spain.

When Marharyta went on an Erasmus+ exchange in Spain, she became aware of cultural differences: “The country was very different from both Ukraine and Lithuania, so it was much harder for me to adapt there”.

In both Ukraine and Lithuania, she said, everyone tries to get along well with each other and give each other any help they need.

“In Spain, the academic groups are much bigger, about 40-60 students. This leads to the formation of friend circles, where people mainly communicate with each other. Besides, most of them don’t speak English. So, it was a bit difficult to fit in because everyone already had their environment,” says Strakhova.

However, although her experience in Spain was not easy, it motivated Marharyta to learn: “I quickly improved my Spanish and learned a lot about independent living – rent, paying bills, and other everyday things”

Talking about her plans, Marharyta shares her aim to continue her studies at the master’s level. However, the girl has not yet decided which country is next on the list.

“I have a big world ahead of me, so why miss out on such opportunities to see it, right?” says Marharyta Strakhova, a KTU chemistry student from Ukraine.


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