Researchers can access the Cambridge and MIT expert programme “Ideas to Innovation” in Lithuania

Important | 2020-05-18

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), KEEN in collaboration with the Science, Innovation and Technology Agency (MITA) presents a program created by experts from Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lithuanian and foreign scientists and researchers are invited to participate in a first 3-day training course at Santaka Valley, Kaunas, Lithuania.

The programme “Idea to Innovation (i2i)” has inspired more than 1,500 participants to successfully develop and commercialise their ideas and has led from idea to solution such projects as Data Solver and Corrosion Radar. The programme follows an experiential learning approach and enables participants to enhance their motivation, to get essential skills associated with going from idea to commercialisation, and to apply the knowledge gained during training to scientific solutions meeting their society’s needs or launching their own company. For example, Corrosion Radar is a patented sensing technology that enables the early-stage detection, monitoring and prediction of hidden corrosion.

This year, researchers-innovators pursuing a doctoral degree in a variety of fields have a special opportunity to participate in the training course taking place in Kaunas, Lithuania on July 15–17.

Professor Dr Asta Pundzienė, KTU School of Economics and Business

“Ideas to Innovation” focuses on junior researchers who are looking for their way in the world of knowledge and technology. While most of the entrepreneurship events are dedicated to advanced teams, KTU, KEEN along with MITA provides an opportunity to get involved in commercializing innovations for junior researchers as well. The event aims to introduce to the innovation process and to allow to learn gathering efficiently performing team”, says KTU professor, KEEN leader Dr Asta Pundzienė.

When consulting innovators, MITA experts highlight that Lithuanian scientists and researchers do not lack ideas that can be commercialized to help solve sensitive societal problems, but do lack skills how to improve their presentation skills and gain knowledge of business launching steps.

MITA acting director Gintas Kimtys

“Designed by Cambridge and MIT experts program “i2i” is being organized in Lithuania for the first time. We are particularly keen to encourage the innovators from the growing life science industry to participate in these courses. Seize the occasion to assess your potential and opportunities for commercializing your ideas”, says MITA acting director Gintas Kimtys.

Team of lecturers include mentor and entrepreneur professor Shai Vyakarnam from UK, educator, entrepreneur and researcher Orsolya Ihasz from Cranfield University, UK and scientist, mentor and researcher dr. Liisa van Vliet from Cambridge University.

The goal of the expert team is to strengthen the motivation of participants and to encourage them to develop their ideas, and to unlock their creative potential. During the practical sessions, the team will help to improve skills at commercializing ideas and introduce the main principles of team building, work management. Orsolya Ihasz and Liisa van Vliet will also organize innovative practical activities with junior KTU, KEEN researchers – Eglė Vaičiukynaitė and Neringa Gerulaitienė, who have already participated in the i2i program last year at Cranfield University, UK.

Lithuanian and foreign doctoral students considering the commercialisation of the idea and acquiring entrepreneurial skills are invited to complete a selection form until June 15, 2020. Participants’ questionnaires will be evaluated by MITA and KTU, KEEN experts. Finally, 32 innovators will be invited to the 3-day intensive program “Ideas to Innovation: i2i” on June 30, 2020.

The selection form here: