International company expands its business: 240 new jobs will be created in Kaunas in the next two years

Important | 2018-05-17

German company FESTO, one of the first foreign investors in Lithuania has opened a new office building in Kaunas earlier this month. Over the next couple of years, 240 new jobs are planned in engineering, applied mathematics, economics, finance, management, IT and other areas, agency Invest Lithuania informs.

2017 was a record year for FESTO as its turnover reached EUR 3 billion. “Our team in Lithuania makes a significant contribution to the success of the company. Its professionalism helps the company pursue its goals and constantly improve its main processes. This determines a consistent growth of FESTO LIETUVA – in recent years the number of its employees have been increasing by about 20% annually,” Pekka Parikka, general manager at FESTO LIETUVA, said.

According to Mantas Katinas, director general of Invest Lithuania, expansion of FESTO reflects a common trend in the industry of business services centres. There are currently more than 70 global business services centres in the country, which employ 15,000 specialists, three times more than five years ago.

“Over the past five years, the FESTO services centre has grown four times and soon will be the second centre in Kaunas with more than 500 employees. This success story serves as a gateway to Kaunas for foreign companies and has already attracted more investors to the city. We hope that other services centres in Kaunas will follow the example of FESTO and will cooperate with higher education institutions to train the future generation of specialists”, Mr Katinas said.

The office of FESTO LIETUVA in Kaunas currently employs over 400 specialists in different areas. Over the next couple of years, 240 new jobs are planned. The FESTO LIETUVA team consists of specialists from the areas of engineering, applied mathematics, economics, finance, management, IT, etc. who have a good command of English, Spanish, Italian, French or German. The branch has a wide range of responsibilities: from product sales to various business services centre functions.

The surge of foreign investors in Kaunas in recent years contributes to the more active job market, higher salaries and general economic wellbeing of the city. Local talent pool is often one of the main reasons for companies to choose our city. Kaunas University of Technology is one of the main suppliers of highly qualified graduates, whose competences match the requirements of the market.

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