Historical partnership: KTU starts cooperating with Lithuanian military intelligence

Important | 2021-03-29

Considering the importance of science and information technologies, this week the Second Investigation Department (AOTD) under the Ministry of National Defence and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) signed a cooperation agreement. This is the first such agreement signed by the Lithuanian military intelligence during its thirty years of operation.

“We live in the information age, so people’s lives are closely connected to technology. Not only the private business sector but also public institutions compete for specialists in various fields in the job market. The Second Investigation Department is one of the institutions that also needs the insights and knowledge of information technology experts. With the help of such specialists, we can ensure faster development and achieve our strategic goals”, says Colonel Elegijus Paulavičius, Head of the Second Investigation Department under the Ministry of National Defence.

The signed agreement will allow the cooperation development between military intelligence and KTU researchers with the aim to integrate technologies and ensure closer contact between studies and practice in Lithuanian military intelligence. It is planned to prepare and implement new research together. Besides, KTU students will have internship and employment opportunities in the national defence system.

The Second Investigation Department is an institution subordinate to the Ministry of National Defence, which carries out intelligence and counter-intelligence in defence, military-political, military-economic, military-technological and military-information fields. AOTD operations include the activities of the institutions of the national defence system abroad, and the protection of information constituting state and official secret.

KTU Rector
Form left: KTU Rector Eugenijus Valatka, Head of AOTD Col. Elegijus Paulavičius

“We aim to become a professional and technologically advanced institution. The main task of the Law on Intelligence is to strengthen the national security of the Republic of Lithuania in the field of defence by identifying emerging threats promptly, preventing and eliminating them, and informing the institutions that are ensuring national security. This is one of our main strategic goals”, says Col. Paulavičius.

Military intelligence officers are professional military and civilians. Due to the special requirements for the service, the candidates for the department are selected very carefully, and they are subject to high professional knowledge and skills requirements.

“KTU can offer specialists in various fields possessing the necessary knowledge for the current day. We are constantly looking for professionals who would meet the needs of our institution and improve the achievement of strategic goals”, says Col. Paulavičius.

He adds that no organisation can survive without adequate human resources, and technology is an integral part of today’s reality.