Research group - Transport engineering

The mission of transport engineering science group is rapid development of new technologies, development of innovations in transport, aviation and space and changes in the strategic development of transport engineering science.

The vision of the transport engineering science group:

  • Increasing traffic safety and transport safety.
  • Promoting sustainable mobility.
  • Managing effective mobility demand and public transport development.
  • Increasing energy efficiency in transport and environmental impact reduction.
  • Promotion of research in the transport sector.
  • Development and implementation of intelligent transport systems/new movements (unmanned) and communication technology.

The science group main investigation directions:

  • Alternative energy in transport.
    Investigations of vehicles with alternative fuels, electric and hybrid power-stations dynamics and energy efficiency, dynamic models creation and modelling; studies on the use of algae for the production of third generation biofuels have been performing.
  • Sustainable mobility transport systems.
    Investigation of transport and passenger flows; creation of mobility models in the transport system, creation of models of interoperability between system vehicle/driver/environment; development and implementation of innovative engineering systems in transportation/logistics processes; intelligent transport systems/new movement (unmanned) and communication technology development and deployment have been performing.
  • Defense technology.
    Investigations of laser shooter training systems dynamics and their synthesis; investigations and applications of internal, external and rear ballistics of two related masses in artillery systems; development, research and installation of rocket technology have been performing.
  • Transport means structures behavior.
    Investigations of transport means structures, active and passive safety systems and means; development and impact on traffic safety and operation of assessments have been performing
Research Priority Areas Technologies for Sustainable Development and Energy
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities Transport, logistic and information and communication technologies



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