Research group - Sustainable Management

Vision of the group – the development of new ideas that enforce sustainability dimension emerge in organization development, value creation, customer relations and human resource management. 

Main research topics of the group:

Sustainable development of organizations
· The coherence of the organization’s principles of sustainable development with quality management systems;
· Eco-systems of start-ups and big companies co-creation; 
· Quality management;
· Process management;

Sustainable research on marketing and consumption
· Consumer Behavior (Consumer Psychology, Sustainable Consumption, Branding and Communication, etc.);
· Consumer ecosystem (globalization, sustainability, technology, etc.);

Sustainable HRM
· Sustainable state-business-society interaction for sustainable labor market development;
· Human resource strategy development and practice modelling, ensuring value creation and skills development;
· Employees well-being.

Sustainable development of social systems in the context of future creating technologies
· Society 5.0: Solutions for future-proofing technology to meet the needs of an aging society;
· Implication of future creating technologies into HRM systems;
· Future- creating technologies in marketing;
· Impact of future creating technologies on organizational development;
· Neuroscience: neuroleadership; neuromarketing.


Priorities of R&D Activities Digital Transformation
Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Transformation of Industry
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Energy and sustainable environment
Health technologies and biotechnologies
Inclusive and creative society
Information and communication technologies
New production processes, materials and technologies
Smart, clean, connected transport
Research Fields
Business Models
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Organisational Development





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