Research group - Sustainable Economy

Vision of the group - interdisciplinary applied economic research contributing to high academic standard implementation in KTU School of Business and Economics by creating long – term recognized scientific and multidimensional empirical research impact. Sustainable economics research thematics groups relate to sustainable development of the society, including micro and mezzo levels. Research group projects are encompassing socio-economic influence for business, public sector and state policy development in the region.

Thematic groups:

Economic competitiveness research:
· Industrial economics, productivity and competitiveness;
· International and regional economics;
· Sectoral economic research studies (energy, healthcare, CCI, public, etc.);
· Openness of trade and business cycles;
· State finance.

Challenges of transformations in financial markets and organizations:
· Financing tools and models for innovations;
· Challenges of corporate financial management processes;
· Transformations in financial services;

Social responsibility assessment, reporting, impact valuation studies:
· Social responsibility and reporting;
· Public sector economics and taxation management;
· Socio-economic impact valuation;

The main guidelines for research group fostering and development of the thematic groups are related with strengthening of group members international research standard capabilities, search for external research funding opportunities, publishing in international peer reviewed scientific journals and participation in international recognized conferences.


Priorities of R&D Activities Digital Transformation
Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Transformation of Industry
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Energy and sustainable environment
Inclusive and creative society
Information and communication technologies
Smart, clean, connected transport
Research Fields
Economic Analytics and Competitiveness
Financial Technologies
Sustainable Energy





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