2D nanostructures of noble metal nanoparticles for biosensor applications


Project no.: P-LLT-18-11

Project description:

In this project capillary force assisted particle assembly will be produced and studied for applications including Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS); elastic scattering and photoluminescence for biosensing. The project will aim at the developing of effective nanostructured templates, production of regular noble metal nanoparticle arrays, design and synthesis of proper peptide biomarker based on the proteomic profile of tear, as well as construction of SERS, luminescence, absorption and elastic scattering based biosensor for diagnosis of ocular surface and systemic diseases. The metal nanoparticle array templates as biosensors for detection and quantification of the biomarkers, such as infective microbes, protein or non-protein biomarkers, as well as the cancerous cells will be employed.
The formed structures are expected to be sensitive enough to analyze the biomarkers from human tears. This would open up new approach for noninvasive monitoring of diseases from simple teardrop.

Project funding:

Interngovernmental programme administrated by Research Council of Lithuania: Lithuania–Latvia–China (Taiwan)

Project results:

The project aims at establishment of a long term collaboration based on development of new types and applications of substrates with regular or short-range ordered patterns of noble metal nanoparticles enabling use of Localized Surface Plasmon R esonanse and/or Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering effects, combined with other traditional optical methods (photoluminescence of zinc oxide); applicable for reliable disease diagnostics as well as materials research laboratory uses.

Period of project implementation: 2018-01-02 - 2020-12-31

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Project partners: University of Latvia, Tunghai University

Sigitas Tamulevičius

2018 - 2020

Institute of Materials Science

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