Kęstutis Sasnauskas

Kęstutis Sasnauskas (Lithuania) is a professor, habilitated doctor, honourable engineer, winner of the National Prize.

Professor Sasnauskas created the school of the science of solidification processes of autoclaved siliceous articles, synthesis of individual KHS, their properties and use at KTU (former KPI); he was the head of the Department of Silicate Technology (1962–1989) and Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology (1965–1991).

List of scientific publications by Sasnauskas contains more than 200 works. Professor is the co-author of 7 inventions and 3 Lithuanian patents, winner of the World Inventors’ Olympiad “Genius-98” (Budapest), winner of the Lithuanian National Prize in 1984.

Sasnauskas was regularly announcing the research results and participating in scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad; he became known for his research in prospective silicate technology.

Sasnauskas’ ideas have been applied in practice – the technology suggested by the scientist was used for production of thermal insulation panels from calcium hydro silicate by Kaunas company “Silbitas” in 1993.

Professor was a member of various scientific councils proposing the award of science degrees, member of the committee for prizes of science and technology, expert member of the Lithuanian Academy of Science (1991–1994), member of the editorial board of the journal “Chemistry” (Lit. “Chemija”).

Kęstutis Sasnauskas