The newly elected Rector’s team will focus on community

Important | 2018-09-04

In the meeting on Friday 31 August the Council of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) confirmed the candidacies of the two Vice-Rectors. Leonas Balaševičius, the Head of International Doctoral School, was appointed by the Rector and approved by the Council for the position of Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and Jonas Čeponis, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, will take the position of Vice-Rector for Studies.

The Rector Eugenijus Valatka admits that he wanted the positions of the vice-rectors to be filled with representatives of the University community, as they can best use the potential and possibilities of the University to reach the set goals.

“The main idea with which I came to the Rector’s election was strengthening of the University’s community and community spirit, therefore I was determined to look for internal candidates. I chose people who agree on implementing the University’s strategy. Our main task is to develop and to strengthen the University, and we have clearly defined quantitative and qualitative parameters for measuring our achievements. I believe that with this team we can reach our goals”, says Valatka.

The newly appointed vice-rectors say that the career change brings great responsibility and new challenges.

“It is very important that we have similar understanding: the University has to provide high quality science based studies. There were no disagreements during the discussion with the Rector, therefore I believe that we will have a very productive work with the team”, says Jonas Čeponis, the new Vice-Rector for Studies.

According to him, the main challenge will be to meet and tune different interests, as the University is offering studies in various fields, and every one of them requires individual approach.

“In order to stay competitive in Lithuania and to attract international students, we have to think about solutions, which are responding to the different expectations of all the university”, says Čeponis.

Leonas Balaševičius, the new Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation is emphasising the importance of cooperation with various institutions, higher education schools and international organisations: “Every scientist needs to find a place and possibilities to realise his or her ideas”.

The Vice-Rectors are not rushing into changes – they are convinced that the current situation has to be evaluated first.

“In science, one has to take evolutionary and not revolutionary road. Certain processes are taking place inevitably, and the tactical decisions can be made according to the situation. We will have to react and to respond to changes in the environment. This month the comparative evaluation of research activities is taking place; its results will influence the University’s funding”, says Balaševičius.

The new team has started work on Monday 3 September.

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