Technorama’2023: science and technology show that inspires

Important | 2023-05-22

This Thursday, May 25, science, technology and innovation fans, and creators will meet at the annual innovation exhibition Technorama taking place at KTU Santaka Valley. For more than 20 years, Technorama, organised by Kaunas University of Technology has been motivating and encouraging young developers, while aiming to achieve another important goal – popularisation of science.

At the last year’s Technorama, more than 70 innovative products and their prototypes were introduced.

Sharing your ideas makes them better

“KTU Technorama can become one of the significant stages in the development of your ideas, because at this event you can meet not only developers, but also business representatives, connections with whom make you open the door to new opportunities. Since last year, our product has been successfully developed and improved,” says Andrius Rapalis, a researcher at the KTU Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Together with Rimvydas Eitminavičius, a master’s student of the Biomedical Engineering study programme they created a prototype of a wearable electronic system designed to monitor changes in the hydration of the human body. The innovation was awarded a cash prize by one of the event’s partners.

Judita Švaikauskaitė, a graduate of MSc Environmental Engineering, who presented an innovative solution that cleans contaminated water, became the winner of the main KTU Rector’s Prize last year.

At the exhibition, she showcased hydrogel granules made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which have a unique property – a highly porous structure, for the treatment of polluted water.

“The main reason why I decided to present the product under development at the exhibition was the desire to test it. Together with the team, we want to check whether the idea is attractive, and how potential users react to it. Sometimes, when you work only in the lab, you may not see the real situation and who may need your product in the market. Technorama made us believe that our work is important,” said Judita.

To encourage this year’s participants, Švaikauskaitė relied on her experience:

“I took the best I could. I’m not just talking about a monetary prize, but encouragement in an intangible sense – the comments and questions received helped me to prepare for other competitions and strengthen my knowledge. It is very liberating,” said the winner of last year’s main KTU Rector’s Prize.

Pitch Battle – a new activity for Technorama participants

This year, for the first time, Technorama will feature live Pitch Battle, whose prize was established by the event’s main sponsor Rocket Software Lithuania.

“Good presentation is a very important element if you want to monetise, i.e. – to “sell” your idea. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re expecting show elements in the presentations, although, you know, that would attract attention. During the presentation, it has to be very clear that the team really believes in the idea they are presenting,” says Elinga Kavaliauskienė the Head of the Rocket Software Lithuania.

As for a significant number of Technorama participants, this will be the first public presentation of ideas, Kavaliauskienė shares tips that can help them feel stronger before stepping on stage.

“In just three minutes, you have to identify clearly what problem your innovation addresses and what makes it unique compared to solutions existing on the market. Of course, it is very important to use a language that everyone can understand, avoiding niche concepts and abbreviations. In other words, present the created solution in such a way that not only the experts, but also your grandparents could understand,” advises Kavaliauskienė.

Technorama’2023 will take place on May 25, at KTU Santaka Valley (Baršausko Street 59, Kaunas).

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