Programming Studies at KTU Are the Most Popular in Lithuania

Important | 2015-07-23

Those wishing to study programming choose Kaunas University of Technology (KTU): according to the data announced by the office for general admission LAMA BPO, KTU’s study programme Progamming Systems attracted the largest number of state funded study places in Lithuania. 237 future programmers were invited to join KTU in September, 200 of them will have the opportunity to study free of charge.

Among the top 10 programmes, which have attracted the largest number of students eligible for state funding, there is also KTU’s Informatics Engineering, with 115 students invited to state-funded studies. Almost 1,5 thousand of people were invited to study in the state-funded places at KTU this year. This is the second best result among Lithuanian universities.

State funding is being allocated to those applicants who demonstrate the best study results. According to Kristina Ukvalbergienė, the Director of KTU’s Academic Affairs Department, the high number of students eligible for state funding indicates University’s popularity among the most motivated students.

“The bigger the number of talented and motivated students at the university, the better the study quality. Actually, in this environment the weaker ones and the teachers are obliged to perform better. KTU’s attitude towards high quality studies can be indicated by the application of minimal requirement benchmark score, which was raised from 1,8 to 2 this year”, says Ukvalbergienė.