Professor Cornelius Herstatt became Honorary Doctor of KTU

Important | 2019-12-13

Earlier this week, the honorary doctors’ community of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) was joined by a new member, Professor Cornelius Herstatt, Professor at Hamburg University of Technology, Head of Technology and Innovation Management Department. The Honorary Doctorate to Prof Herstatt was awarded for continuous partnership in research and education in the field of technology and innovation management.

Prof Herstatt has founded the Technology and Innovation Management Department at the Hamburg University of Technology in 1998 and has been the Head of the Department since. The activities of the Department are of utmost importance to the global development of research and innovation, especially in the fields of circular economics, sustainable industry and innovations. Prof Herstatt is the founder of Center for Frugal Innovation and the founding partner of The European Institute for Technology and Innovation Management. Both these institutions had a crucial impact in developing the startup ecosystem of KTU.

Prof Herstatt is a visiting professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, the University of Santa Clara (USA), and higher education institutions in Japan, Australia, India and Africa.

“When I came to KTU many years ago, I couldn’t even dream that I would be awarded such an honourable title. For me, it’s a great privilege to become an Honorary Doctor of Kaunas University of Technology. Dear colleagues, thank you for the trust you placed in me, for the continuous successful cooperation with the researchers, masters and PhD students. I would like to continue to inspire the young minds to look for new possibilities and encourage them to not to be afraid of challenges”, said Professor Cornelius Herstatt during his inauguration ceremony.

Prof Herstatt’s scientific interest lies in innovation development and industrial innovation research and applied development in Germany, USA, Japan, Indonesia, India, South Africa and other countries.