Lithuanian students and researchers have a chance to meet a USA professor, an author of several scientific innovations – R. C. Rumpf

Important | 2022-08-22

Nanotechnology, 3D printing, optics, and other similar technologies are developing very rapidly. Raymond C. Rumpf, an innovator in these fields, a professor at the University of Texas (USA) at El Paso, and Head of the EMLab laboratory, can boast of several significant breakthroughs in these fields of science. He has discovered several electromagnetic and optical phenomena and created design tools. He will soon share his experience at an international scientific conference held at KTU.

“The mission of my research is to mentor students through extremely ambitious and high-risk research that is enabled by digital manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) and to commercialize the technology”, says R. C. Rumpf.

Professor will attend the 24th International Conference-School “Advanced Materials and Technologies” on 22-26 August.

During the Conference-School R. C. Rumpf will give three presentations – “Getting Started in Computational Electromagnetics & Photonics”, “Electromagnetics & Photonics in the Age of Digital Manufacturing” and “How to Start and Maintain an Awesome Career”.

Created more than one global innovation

Raymond C. Rumpf
Raymond C. Rumpf

Researcher R. C. Rumpf has wide acclaim in the international scientific community in these fields – he is a fellow of the international society of optics and photonics “SPIE” and a senior member of the international engineering community “IEEE”. He has published over 80 articles in scientific journals and has 16 granted US patents.

Recently a book publisher “Artech House” has published his book “Electromagnetic and Photonic Simulation for the Beginner: Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain in MATLAB”, which teaches the reader computer modelling of electromagnetic and photonic phenomena from zero.

“I wanted to create a high-quality book to teach the art and techniques of computational electromagnetics (CEM) to the complete beginner.  I struggled to get started in CEM and I continue to observe others having the same struggles.  The few resources I found for beginners did not teach enough to be useful.  The more advanced resources were just not understandable to me.  I wanted to write the book I wish I had many years ago that covers everything from the basic concepts all the way to advanced simulations”, – said R. C. Rumpf about what inspired him to write the book.

The professor has been granted multiple prestigious awards in the USA for his scientific work and the education of university students. In 2010 he founded the laboratory “EMLab” at the University of Texas at El Paso. The laboratory, led by dr. Rumpf, is a pioneer and one of the internationally recognized leaders in the fields of electromagnetics, photonics, and 3D printing.

The laboratory has achieved many important scientific and technological breakthroughs, world records and world-firsts, such as the first 3D printed volumetric electronics circuit, the tightest bend of a light beam travelling in free space, the world’s thinnest dielectric antenna, and many more.

Develops cooperation between the USA and the Baltic countries

Professor Rumpf was invited to the Conference School due to the initiative of professor Sigitas Tamulevičius – the director Institute of Materials Science of the Kaunas University of Technology. Professor Rumpf’s visit is a part of the program „Baltic-American dialogue“. This program is made possible by funding from the Baltic-Americal Freedom Foundation (BAFF). For more information about BAFF scholarships and speaker support, visit

The Baltic-American Freedom Foundation was founded in the United States of America in 2010. The mission of this foundation is to strengthen bilateral relations and collaboration between the USA and the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

The Foundation is fulfilling its mission by financing programs encouraging collaboration between the USA and scientific & cultural institutions and businesses. The „Baltic-American dialogue“ program aims to develop cooperation between universities and public organizations of the Baltic countries and experts of the United States – distinguished individuals who are experts in their respective fields.

Participation in the program allows for the experts and the host institutions to foster new long-term connections and develop further collaboration in the fields of education, science and culture.

Students, researchers and lecturers from more than 10 countries will participate on August 22-26 of 2022 in the 24th International Conference-School “Advanced Materials and Technologies”. During the Conference-School scientists and high-tech industry representatives will give scientific presentations, and doctoral and master’s students presented their work in the poster session. More about the conference: