KTU terminates cooperation agreements with Russian and Belarusian universities, offers free studies for Ukrainian students

Important | 2022-03-01

The University is ready to host and accommodate more Ukrainian researchers, students and other members of the Ukrainian higher education community.

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is terminating cooperation agreements with Russian and Belarusian universities due to the geopolitical situation. Overall, KTU had one cooperation agreement with each of the countries; no active cooperation has taken place.

KTU will accept the representatives of the Ukrainian higher education system. They would be housed in both university dormitories and recreation centres.

Ukrainian students will also be offered free studies in English at KTU in certain academic disciplines.

So far, the university has received some individual requests for assistance from Ukrainian citizens.

Currently, KTU employs 6 researchers from Ukraine, 15 Ukrainian citizens are studying at KTU, some of them with funding from the state; one student receives a university scholarship aimed at attracting talented international students. For many years, KTU has maintained close relations with Ukrainian universities.