KTU Student at Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015 (vote)

Important | 2015-01-06

KTU student Jolita Kiznytė is trying her luck at the international student innovation competition Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015. Together with a team mate from Brazil Marcos Welker she entered the competition with an idea of self-development platform Blendlee. The first place winner will receive the 25 thousand Euros award.

The participants of the contest are invited to apply with the ideas for the innovations for future development of the study and learning process on global scale.

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) student Jolita Kiznytė who is studying in a double masters programme European Master in Project Management (EuroMPM) at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences in Germany is working on such a project together with her Brazilian team-mate Marcos Welker.

To enter the competition the team had to identify the problem and to create an innovation for its solution, to define the functionalities, business plan and model of the proposed solution, and to provide pictures and interactive material which illustrates both the problem and the innovation.

The Lithuanian-Brazilian team has created the concept of self-development and learning platform Blendlee.

According to Welker, the project is based on the method of blended learning which incorporates innovative, digital learning possibilities and human element.

‘We would like to create an innovation which made a positive impact on million people’s lives, which expanded the boundaries of understanding learning. Virtual learning is becoming more and more popular, however, human connection is what is often lacks’, says the student.

The main functional feature of the platform is a self-assessment chart which allows the users to evaluate their strengths and interests and generates an individual study plan (according to the result and the qualities of each individual user. Both digital and actual study resources having in mind the locality of the user are being offered by Blendlee.

The platform also foresees the possibility of creating a virtual coaching community for sharing experiences and knowledge.

Every user of Blendlee will be able to follow his or her study and learning process, to establish personal, professional and career planning goals.

‘The platform we designed is unique in the world, and we are expecting it to be evaluated as innovative by the Ericsson experts and society. Therefore we need all the help we can get to support our idea’, says Kiznytė, KTU student.

The teams which will make it to the semi-finals will have a month to develop and refine their ideas together with Ericsson experts. The 10 semi-finalists will be selected on January 19: 1 of them will be selected by public voting (open until January 16) and the 9 other teams, who presented the best ideas will be selected by the special Ericsson expert board.

The winning team, who will be awarded the funding and resources for implementation of their idea will be selected in the finals 15 April 2015 in Stockholm.

Vote for Blendlee team.

Find out more on the project on Facebook.

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