KTU moved up in the national rankings

Important | 2024-05-08

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) was ranked 1st among Lithuanian technical universities in the national rankings published today by the Reitingai (aka Rankings) magazine.

KTU, which moved up to 3rd place in the overall ranking, increased the sum of all indicators by 6.56 points (compared to 2023). This is the highest increase among all universities in Lithuania.

By scientific, artistic, sports and professional development achievements, KTU significantly outperforms all Lithuanian universities in terms of the results of formally assessed research papers in the field of technology science.

This year, KTU has achieved the biggest positive change in the evaluation of current and future academic staff. According to the ratio of lecturers with PhD degrees vs all lecturers, KTU has firmly established itself as the best university in the country.

This year, KTU is highly ranked in the area of added value created by alumni, and employer evaluation. According to the results of the survey of employers organised by the Rankings representatives, among Lithuanian universities, the KTU alumni’s knowledge and abilities are among the most relevant and attuned to the needs of companies.

KTU is also ranked as the second-best university in Lithuania for the most talented graduates who passed the state matriculation exams with scores between 86 and 100. In terms of the ratio of the most talented graduates to the total number of students KTU’s ranking this year is only 2.5 points lower than the ranking of the country’s largest university, which has over 3 times more students.

Lolita Jurkšienė, KTU’s Director of Strategy and Quality Management, draws attention to the need to assess the content of higher education institutions’ rankings through different criteria.

“I am by no means underestimating the significance of higher education institutions’ rankings, but one should never look at ‘bare’ numbers without analysing the components of the individual criteria. The rankings often put together universities of different sizes, profiles, fields of study, etc., on a single assessment tier,” says Jurkšienė.

It is even more important, she argues, to make a distinction between quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria.

Lolita Jurkšienė, KTU’s Director of Strategy and Quality Management

“I can confidently say that the best evaluations of KTU will always be reflected in the qualitative criteria. We have been developing quality-based study, research and organisational management processes at KTU for many years, which undoubtedly create added value for students, academics and employers in the long term. The criteria in which KTU has the best ranking results reflect this perfectly. We are not looking for short-term quantitative benefits – our university’s goals are focused on the long-term and high-quality growth of an educated, knowledgeable and creative society,” stresses KTU’s Director of Strategy and Quality Management.