KTU is among front runners in ECIU Minor mobility

ECIU | 2018-07-26

Students of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Mechanical Engineering studies are among the first to take advantage of the new mobility programme established by the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU). The ECIU Minor programmes allow students to spend a semester at a like-minded ECIU partner university.

Students can choose their host university themselves, as each of the partners offers different courses and specializations completely in English. There are for example thirteen modules available for Mechanical Engineering, starting in spring and autumn. KTU is a member of ECIU ME Minor network.

ECIU Minors are a fixed set of pre-approved courses of 30 ECTS. They fit into the curriculum set of courses at your home institution. Credits are fully recognized. The ECIU Minors are suitable for groups of students and offer an excellent study experience at a well-known and like-minded partner institution of the ECIU network.

On 7–8 June the ECIU Minor committee for Mechanical Engineering met at the University of Aveiro, in Portugal. The first ECIU Minor programme, a pioneer in modernization of student mobility in Europe started in 2016 with 6 ECIU partners. Now, after having the first generation of alumni return home, the network reviewed and updated the course offerings. The minor allows for up to 120 students per year un-restricted access to specified course offerings of 30 ECTS at 6 of the ECIU partners. Upon successful completion of a full minor, the student will receive an ECIU Minor Certificate and, of course, all students get all credits transferred to the home university.

In Aveiro meeting among other important things was also discussed the plan of ECIU Minor in Mechanical Engineering, which currently facilitates 120 students at the bachelor level, to expand into the Master’s domain, allowing even more students to take advantage of the ECIU network.

Also, ECIU is taking student mobility to the next level by creating student minor ambassadorship. Part of this Ambassadorship will be visiting each of the partners in the ECIU ME Minor programme, in order to share the experiences of the student with the ECIU partners. Requirement for the ambassadorship will be winning a competition during which the student explains why ECIU matters to him or her. The Alumni of the ECIU Minor Programme Mechanical Engineering are asked to submit an elevator pitch on the benefits of the ECIU minor programme for students until 15 August 2018.

Make most of your studies

The full ECIU ME Minor network consists of Aveiro, Kaunas, Linköping, Stavanger, Twente, Tec de Monterrey. For further information about the Mechanical Engineering Minor programme, please contact Kęstutis Pilkauskas (programme coordinator at KTU, kestutis.pilkauskas@ktu.lt).

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering is the first minor study programme, the others are expected to follow in the near future. Check out the offer on the ECIU website: https://www.eciu.org/for-students/minor-programmes.