KTU Diploma for an Indian Graduate has Opened the Door to a Dream Job in the United Arab Emirates

Important | 2015-06-02

After postgraduate studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), job search for Chris James, a graduate from India, did not take long. The talented student is now working in the largest city of one of the world’s richest countries – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Dubai. According to Chris, KTU diploma added value to his CV and helped him in getting a job he wanted. 

Chris, you are from India and graduated from Master’s at KTU a year ago. How did you end up in the United Arab Emirates? What is your current job position in Dubai?

Yes, I graduated from KTU last year. I came to the UAE knowing about different job opportunities and because it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. I am working as a logistics coordinator in one of the companies’ in Dubai.

Who are the most wanted professionals in the UAE? Is the competition to get a job tough? What competences do employers seek?

Comparing to other Gulf Cooperation Countries, there are more trading companies in the UAE. Therefore, more management related professionals are needed here. There are many engineering companies as well.

Experience is what counts most in finding a perfect job, whereas good educational background will help you in the beginning of your career in the UAE and will matter in getting promotions in the future. 

Was it difficult to find a job? Do you think that your international experience (you are from India and studied in Lithuania) helped you get a job offer in the United Arab Emirates?

A degree from Europe is well appreciated here. More and more people from different parts of the world come to the UAE every day, so the competition increases. It was not as easy to get a job here as I expected.

Did KTU diploma added some value to your CV?

Like I said, a European degree is a plus point here.

What it is like for a young person and a recent university graduate to work in the largest city of the UAE?

The UAE is a mix of different cultures: 70 per cent of its population is foreigners. As recent graduates we can learn many things both in professional and cultural way.

How different is life in Kaunas and Dubai?

It’s completely different. Dubai is a huge city with international companies, hotels, different cultures, etc. Kaunas is a mix of nature and city life, where one can’t find many people from different cultures.

Do you miss Lithuania? Was KTU a good place to study, and Kaunas a pleasant place to live?

Yes, I certainly miss Lithuania. It’s a beautiful country with many areas gifted with wonderful nature. I will surely come back to Lithuania for a visit.

What is your favourite memory from your studies at KTU?

There are so many! I still remember the fabulous graduation ceremony at Žalgiris arena where one of the guests was the Lithuanian president, trips to Plungė, Marijampolė and other cities with my Indian and Lithuanian friends, my internship at Vičiūnai Group.

Also, time spent with some of the University’s professors and staff like Rasa Mankutė – I never met a professor like Rasa in any point of my life, Neringa Narbutienė, who was always there to solve any issues of international students and Jolanta Baskutienė, the vice dean of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design, as well as many others.

All in all, are you satisfied with your choice to study at Kaunas University of Technology?

I am fully satisfied.

Would you advice other graduates of KTU and other universities to come to the UAE to gain some professional and personal experience?

I would certainly advise them to come to the UAE for a professional chance.

Do you see yourself in the UAE or the Middle East for a long time? What are your future plans?

Actually, I don’t know how long I will stay in the UAE. It depends upon professional opportunities I might receive from other countries.