Freshly from KTU: Meet Roshan from India

Important | 2020-07-07

“Graduation was special. My friends and family are spread across India, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and Ireland and they were all happy to see me graduate”, says Roshan Shafi from India, who has just graduated from BSc in Industrial Technology Management at School of Economics and Business, Kaunas University of Technology.

Roshan says that studying at KTU was an experience full of adventures and challenges.

“It made me test my limits. Overall, the experience at the university made me feel different emotions, very unique, but amazing. And I am someone who is crazy about making memories from every single experience”, smiles a young professional, fresh from the University.

For him, among the highlights of the studies was becoming a Director of Finance at KTU for a day during the International Students Day. Meeting people from different cultures and working together towards a common objective was a skill he learned that can be adapted while working in any company. At KTU, Roshan was impressed by the opportunities that were equally available for every student – he was travelling to study with Erasmus+ and participating in many other activities. He is impressed by the friendliness of KTU staff, especially by the people working at the International Office.

For two years, Roshan was the Vice-President of Erasmus Student Network KTU (ESN KTU) and he says he was fortunate enough to organise events and to take care of the incoming students who spend their semester here.

“Making their experience awesome in a way made my journey awesome too”, says Roshan.

Without a doubt, virtual graduation was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments, which will stay in his memory for long.

“I was really looking forward to the graduation from the moment I completed mathematics course”, admits Roshan. He participated in the virtual ceremony together with his family and friends living in India, United Arab Emirates, Italy and Ireland.

What are his future plans? So far, he is sure only about one thing: “During my 4 years, I was able to influence a lot of people positively, therefore, the plan in the future is to adapt to the situation and face challenges alongside influencing people positively.”

Best of luck in your future endeavours, Roshan Shafi.


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