FAQ: Help for Ukrainian citizens

Important | 2022-03-07

At the University, we receive a lot of inquiries about how to help the Ukrainian citizens suffering from the war – those who are fighting in their homeland and those who have already left it and are under the protection of the Lithuanian state.

As it was announced earlier, the University has committed itself to helping the Ukrainians fleeing the war. If you have questions or need more information regarding this matter please write to bendruomene@ktu.lt

However, everyone personally can contribute to aiding those suffering from the war in Ukraine. Below, you will find a list of organisations that collect support for the Ukrainian people and army:

https://www.blue-yellow.lt/: an organisation that provides the necessary support and directs funds according to the need from the people and soldiers of Ukraine.

https://stipruskartu.lt/: here you can list your property to provide accommodation for the Ukrainians who have arrived in Lithuania or register for other help

https://www.redcross.lt/kontaktai-organizaciju-teikianciu-humanitarine-pagalba-ukrainieciams a list of organisations that direct support to the provision of humanitarian aid.

https://helping.in.ua: financial support through reliable sources.

Here you will find information on how you can help Ukrainian children who arrived in Lithuania.

More opportunities to provide support: https://how-to-help-ukraine-now.super.site/help-translate/it/aukok