Early spring welcomes Francophone Month to Kaunas

Important | 2024-02-28

The first weekend of March will mark the start of the French culture celebration. On Saturday, March 2, the KTU Centre of French Culture (former Robert Schuman) will invite Kaunas citizens and city guests to the opening of the 22nd Francophone Month. The musical opening will take place at the MK Čiurlionis National Museum of Art at 4 PM.

This year, the KTU Centre of French Culture has prepared eight events that will last until March 28. French culture enthusiasts will be able to attend concerts, hear professionals share their insights on art and history, and even welcome back the specialist of Baltic history, Lieutenant Colonel Gilles Dutertre with his lecture “Stendal during the Russian Campaign” which was canceled because of COVID-19 in 2020. The opening event, however, will be dedicated to Vlado Perlemuter, a famous pianist yet little known in Lithuania.

“I must admit, before Šviesė Čepliauskaitė, Associate Professor at VMU, told me about this renowned pianist and his roots coming from Kaunas, I had never heard of him. Only professional musicians know this name. I wanted Kaunas citizens to hear about this famous pianist and pedagogue as well because he was born here and his father was the cantor of the Kaunas synagogue.

Head of the KTU Centre of French Culture Birutė Strakšienė
Head of the KTU Centre of French Culture Birutė Strakšienė

We will get to know more about his life and his work. We will also listen to the works of French composers. I truly think that music lovers will enjoy this afternoon a lot,” says Birutė Strakšienė, the Head of the KTU Centre of French Culture.

Ukrainian-Japanese duet

During the Francophone month, visitors will be able to attend a French music concert with a Ukrainian and Japanese touch, which, according to Birutė Strakšienė, is special.

“For over thirty years that The Centre of French Culture has existed, we have invited many ambassadors and guests from foreign countries, yet we have never given much attention to Ukraine. I am truly happy that this year we will not only have the opportunity to listen to French music but also show solidarity with this heroic country. It is also the first time we are welcoming a guest from Japan. A truly special concert with Ukrainian, Japanese, Lithuanian, and French notes all together,” adds Birutė Strakšienė.

Moments from past Francophone Month events
Moments from past Francophone Month events

The final concert of KTU’s Francophone Month will take place on March 28, enjoying French chansons and welcoming the French ambassador, Mrs. Alix Everard. The very final note of this year’s Francophone Month in Kaunas will happen on April 1, where everyone is invited to celebrate the Second Easter Day with a concert in the Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

More information on the event organised by KTU Centre of French Culture: https://shmmf.ktu.edu/events/frankofonijos-menuo-2024-ktu/

Full programme of Francophone Month 2024: https://www.kaunas.lt/renginiai/frankofonijos-menuo-kaune/

The KTU Centre of French Culture (former Robert Schuman Centre) was founded in 1993 as the headquarters of the French-Lithuanian Association in Vilnius (1989). Being the most active branch of the Association since its founding, the Centre has organised Francophone Month each year since 2003.