‘Bloomberg’ Representative K. Collis: ‘Students Who Worked with Bloomberg Professional Service are Chosen by the Best Employers’

Important | 2015-03-09

During her visit at KTU School of Economics and Business, ‘Bloomberg’ representative for the Baltic region Karina Collis stated that she has no doubt that the Finance and Markets’ laboratory, which is being established together with KTU, provides scientific advantage not only for the students but for the whole university as well.

In December Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) signed a founding treaty of Finance and Markets’ laboratory with the world’s leading provider of financial information ‒ ‘Bloomberg’ company from the US. This laboratory which will be established in the KTU School of Economics and Business is going to be the first one of such kind not only in Lithuania but in the Baltic states as well.

The opening of the aforementioned laboratory is anticipated in the first half of this year, however KTU students and professors can already test the information platform ‘Bloomberg Professional’. This platform is used worldwide by more than 320 thousand business leaders and financial professionals.

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K. Collis pointed out that the benefits of ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ are enormous.

‘Students usually receive pretty limited academic knowledge at the universities. They study from the textbooks which do not reflect the rapid changes of the financial market and its processes. ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ fills this gap by providing the data directly. This is the real experience of the financial expert’, ‒ K. Collis spoke about the greatest advantage of this terminal.

According to the ‘Bloomberg’ representative, students who had an opportunity to work with the information platform ‘Bloomberg Professional’ at the university, can immediately go to work in any bank or a major financial services’ company where such terminals are usually used.

‘This terminal not only educates students but puts them in a great position at the labour market. It also provides more job opportunities in the large corporations’, ‒ said K. Collis

KTU membership in the ‘Bloomberg Professional’ is an indispensable tool for teachers and researchers. It significantly facilitates their ongoing research.

Different from the traditional computer

Speaking about the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ itself, K. Collis stressed out that, although externally it is similar to the traditional computer, it is actually very different.

‘Terminal’ is a term from the past when we did not have personal computers. The calculating machines stood instead of the computers occupying the entire table of the financial analyst. This title remained, however, its main function, which is to quickly organize, analyse and present markets’ data, remained the same as before’, ‒ explained K. Collis.

According to K. Collis, the company offers two main services. ‘Bloomberg Professional’ is a software solution and the information platform which allows you to analyse the market, conduct research and make decisions based on the real-time and historical data. This knowledge helps business and financial professionals to make better investment decisions. All types of property management platforms are installed in the software, which enable secure communication in the global network.

Whereas, for the people who are often traveling or working with financial operations that reach millions or billions in value, ‘Bloomberg Anywhere’ service is offered. One terminal is appointed to only one user. Its owner can only unlock it with a special card ‘B-Unit’ which is able to identify fingerprints.

Another unique thing about ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ is a different keyboard than of the usual computer. It is specially designed for the convenient financial data research and it has a slightly different layout as well as colourful functional buttons. 

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