Bigger scholarships, vast opportunities: Apply for PhD at KTU now

Important | 2018-09-11

Do not miss your chance to get an increased PhD scholarship – as was announced by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science, scholarships for doctoral students will increase by 83% from the beginning of 2019. Until next Monday, September 17 you can still apply for PhD studies at Kaunas University of Technology.

Internships in best universities of the world, international conferences, summer schools and seminars contain only a fraction of possibilities provided by doctoral studies.

“PhD studies is a dynamic road full of discoveries. I am motivated not only by the possibilities to gain experience in the best institutions across the globe, or to work with international teams of professionals, but also by the feeling that I am contributing to creating wellbeing of society”, says management PhD student Neringa Gerulaitienė, who has been recently awarded KTU incentive scholarship.

For those worried about the funding, she says: there are more than enough possibilities for scholarships and funding, but the students have to be active themselves and to participate in national, international and university competitions.

If you are accepted to study with a State scholarship, there is good news: according to the announcement by Lithuanian Government, state scholarships for doctoral students will increase by 83% from 2019. In comparison with 2018, the first year students will get 722 EUR a month in their first year, and 836 EUR – in their second-fourth year. Lithuanian State allocates 8.2 million EUR additionally for that purpose.

“Our aim is to increase the number of doctoral students in Lithuanian schools of higher education. We want the young people to use their talent in Lithuania by choosing a career of a scientist or a lecturer”, said Jurgita Petrauskienė, Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science.

According to her, doctoral students have to have the conditions for making their studies their main job.

In the academic year 2017 / 2018, 2.743 doctoral students were studying in Lithuanian schools of higher education.

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