Bachelor in 3 years: faster and more efficient road to education

Important | 2019-07-08

In the contemporary fast-changing world, the duration of studies is becoming one of the key factors in choosing the study programme. 3-year bachelor’s studies are becoming a norm in many European universities. Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is keeping up with the global tendencies – the first shorter, more intensive and more efficient studies were introduced in 2017.

For international students KTU offers two 3-year bachelor’s programmes – Politics and Security Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts and Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The majority of European universities are allowing the students to choose between 4-year and 3-year study programmes.

“3-year studies mean that the students will graduate sooner and will have more time to find a job, to complete internships or to decide what they want to do in the future. Shorter duration means saving one year”, says Goda Šiugždinytė, graduating from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

3-year bachelor’s means not only shorter, but also more intensive and efficient studies, which can be achieved by closer attention to study curriculum, more efficient scheduling and lean structure of study modules and contemporary teaching methods.

“Working in communication field means constant changes, being interested in new things. The knowledge and skills that you are gaining over three years are still very fresh and actual in the job market”, says Sandra Karnilavičiūtė, soon-to-be sophomore student of Communications and Information Management Technologies, a new 3-year study programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

However, the students assure that 3-year study duration does not mean overcrowded schedule or impossible study load. Instead, one is learning more efficiently, has more choice and more individual and team work included in the curriculum.

Admissions to KTU are still open. Choose your study programme and apply today.