A US Company to Expand Engineering Services in Kaunas

Important | 2017-07-04

Dematic, a US company, world leader in logistics automation systems operating in Kaunas has decided to expand its services by creating 40 additional work places for highly qualified specialists in finance, control engineering and computer simulation, Invest Lithuania reports.

“We chose Kaunas for provision of our high added-value engineering services because of the talented specialists available on the local labour market,” explains Vadim Major, Manager of the Dematic engineering services centre in Kaunas.

He points out that most of the sought-after professionals come from Kaunas University of Technology. This makes the company confident that the resources for the growth are sufficient.

Dematic’s Kaunas office currently employs 60 specialists. The majority of the newly recruited staff will be working in the Control Engineering department being responsible for design and commissioning of automatic control systems for mechatronics equipment at customer sites. In addition, the Computer Simulation team is also set to be expanded. This team carries out detailed research on the qualitative characteristics of the newly designed systems.

Gediminas Koryzna, director of the Investment Development Department at Invest Lithuania says that Kaunas has huge potential of growing in the field of service centres.

“The city is only at the beginning of its development in this sector. Bearing in mind the current players in Kaunas and the competences of the specialists trained in its higher education institutions, Lithuania’s second city has the potential to become a serious contender in attracting global investors which are sought after across the CEE region,” concludes Mr Koryzna.

According to the investors and the business owners, Kaunas universities are among the most appealing factors, attracting the global corporations into the region. The competencies of university graduates, their professional skills and knowledge as well as language competencies make Kaunas a perfect field for head-hunting highly professional engineers. Aviation, medical technologies, electronics as well as many other industries are already looking for qualified professionals.

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