2020 Research brief: Civil Society and Sustainability

Important | 2020-12-22

The Civil Society and Sustainability Research Group at KTU’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, established in 2018, conducts interdisciplinary research into threats and challenges for a sustainable and secure society and provides research-based solutions for strengthening civil society.

With this publication, we start a series of research briefs which will present the projects carried out by our research group and the latest results. The series is intended for the general public, policy makers, social and academic partners, as well as the media. In this initial issue, we also include analyses of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic while providing the latest data on its social dimensions and governance.

Florian Rabitz discusses the need for forward-looking governance in international institutions addressing technology and systemic risks. He examines the key elements of such a governance approach and identifies possible political obstacles for its implementation.

Rasa Erentaitė presents a study examining how the socio-economic context in adolescence relates to educational, career, and social status aspirations. This study aims at identifying the effects of social inequality on adolescent developmental outcomes.

Aistė Balžekienė and Audronė Telešienė present a study on the subjective perception of risk in Lithuania and the spatial dimension of objective risk indicators. We analyse the social factors explaining the differences in the geographical distribution of COVID-19.

We hope that this publication will be of interest not only to fellow researchers but also to practitioners who will be able to use our results for decision making and social impact