Future Tour | Destination: Happiness

Non-formal education

“Future Tour | Destination: Happiness”, also known as #openevf is the first open public event organised by KTU School of Economics and Business.

#openevf – a playful, interactive evening tour in one of the historic buildings of Kaunas modernist architecture in the former State Printing House, Gediminas str. 50.

🌏 #openevf together with Kaunas 2022 invites everyone to celebrate “Happiness Day”, which this year spreads the message of happiness to live with our surroundings, to protect and cherish it with small but significant daily habits! Therefore, by contributing to this, we completely reject any print advertising for the #openevf event (posters, flyers, tickets, etc.)

👌 #openevf will combine history, contemporary art, and emotions fueled by light and sound installations, interactive activities, and intriguing and eloquent history of this building. In order to convey it in a contemporary way, works of art specifically designed for this building – digital-style photo paintings – are being created and will become part of the building’s interior.

🤗 We are very pleased that the idea and concept of #openevf is also contributing to the mission of Kaunas 2022 programme “Modernism for the Future” – to instil responsibility for our environment and to create an emotional connection with the urban landscape and culture.

Follow information about the event by registering here openevf.ktu.edu/subscribe or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ktuekonomika/ and see you on the 20th of March!

March 20 d. 19:00

School of Economics and Business

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