Additional financial support


Additional financial support for green travel – travelling to and from the host institution by low-emission means of transport (buses, trains, and cars when travelling with fellow mobility participants). In the case of multiple means of travel, a green travel is considered when the main means of travel (i.e. the major part of the trip) is green. 

  • Students who choose green travel receive an additional 50.00 EUR and a scholarship for a maximum of 4 travel days. 
  • The additional travel support is paid once the student has settled for academic mobility and submitted documentation proving the green travel and duration and signed a declaration of honour and are uploaded to the Mobility Online system. 


Additional financial support may be available persons with fewer opportunities who are formally classified as a sensitive members of the KTU community (more information). The additional support is added to the mobility grant and calculated based on the fixed amounts: 

  • for long-term mobility – 250.00 EUR per month;  
  • for short-term mobility – 100.00 EUR (for mobility periods of 5-14 days) and 150.00 EUR (for mobility periods of 15-30 days).  

Requests for the formal assignment of a person to the most sensitive groups of community members are submitted through KTU AIS (Studies > Submission of applications) until the 1st day of the current month. The application has to be examined and a decision has to be made no later than until 15th of the current month of receipt of the application.

Confirmation of assignment to sensitive groups must be uploaded to the Mobility Online system before signing the financial agreement in the step “Info about Top-Ups/Additional Support”.


An additional individual grant based on actual costs may be awarded to students, graduates, lecturers and employees with special needs.  

According to the Erasmus+ programme guide, a person with special needs is defined as a potential participant in the programme whose physical, mental or another health-related condition is such that participation in the mobility activities is not possible without additional funding. Students with special needs may be eligible for additional funding to meet these needs. To receive this support, you need to apply directly to Education Exchange Support Fund and fill in the required documents. The application form and the appendices for the additional grant have to be submitted at least 1 month before the beginning of the studies.  

Students who have already been awarded an Erasmus+ mobility grant may be eligible for special needs support for the following costs: 

  1. Facilities and/or services depending on the nature of the special needs, illness/disability. The need for these costs must be supported by medical documentation, i.e. the need for the measures and/or services for which you are requesting additional support must be confirmed by medical records issued by the doctor. It should be noted that the latter document must indicate which and how many services you will need during the period of studies or training abroad. The support will be granted for the actual costs incurred. 
  1. The living and travel expenses of the accompanying person, if reasonable. 


How to submit an application for additional support?


Applications for the formal assignment of a person to sensitive groups of community members have to be submitted by email at Confirmation assignment to sensitive groups and the application for an additional scholarship are submitted in Mobility Online after the selection.  

For an individual grant based on actual costs incurred, the Education Exchanges Support Foundation should be contacted by email at   

If you have any further questions, please contact the KTU Academic Mobility Office at