Goal 5.

Achieve gender equality.

Relevance of this goal at KTU

Gender equality is relevant at KTU at several levels: rights of students and employees, scientific research on the issues of gender equality.

KTU tasks for achievement of this goal

5.1. Discrimination against women is not tolerated at KTU.

5.2. Any form of violence against girl and women is not tolerated.

5.2. KTU research and recommendations on prevention of violence.

5.4. Promotion of joint (both, male and female) responsibility in household and family.

5.5. Thorough and effective involvement of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making.

5b. Application of the enabling technologies, ICT in particular, for promotion of the women rights – research on the possibilities of innovative technologies

5.c. Gender equality issues are integrated in KTU policy, strategy, all normative acts and procedures.

Proposals and exchange of experience

Here you can submit proposals, recommendations or questions related to the initiatives or activities that contribute or could contribute to the implementation of the specific SDG.

You are invited to share information on research, projects, organised events or other activities, initiatives that are relevant to be announced in the section KTU Responsibly or included in KTU sustainability report.

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