Research group - Semantics and Knowledge-Based Engineering of Information Systems

Facilitation of the growth of the quality of the surrounding software information systems through the improvement of systems engineering approaches and information management capabilities. To contribute to this vision, the group focusses on research and development of solutions to such problems as seamless integration between deliverables of analysis, requirements specification and systems design as well as automated understanding and utilization of vast amounts of heterogeneous data and information, using methods based on semantic analysis, knowledge modelling and artificial intelligence solutions.

Research topics:

  1. Ontologies and solutions for the Semantic Web
  2. Natural language processing and document classification
  3. Machine learning and application of artificial intelligence solutions
  4. Data mining, business intelligence, big data analysis
  5. Modelling of business processes, business vocabularies, and business rules
  6. User needs analysis and requirements of systems modelling
  7. Conceptual modelling and databases
  8. Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) technologies
  9. Model-driven development, model-to-model transformations
  10. Information systems project management
  11. Distributed ledger architectures and smart contracts
  12. Information systems graphical user interface and usability


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