Research group - Radiation and Medical Physics

Vision – increasing the welfare of the public health by protecting individuals against unreasonable radiation risks through the use of radiation and medical physics knowledge for the treatment and prognosis of oncological diseases, integrating the fundamental knowledge of physics, medicine and materials engineering, also international experience, adapting and developing modern research methods and new radiation technologies, and developing and implementing science-based innovative solutions and products in clinical practice.

Research topics

  • Investigation of radiation impact on individual, environment and materials;
  • radiation measurements, new methods and their implementation;
  • development of the new exposure assessment methods in radiation therapy, radiology and nuclear medicine;
  • development and implementation- of dosimetry methods, dosimeters and dosimetry systems in radiotherapy;
  • radiobiological research and biodosimetry;
  • radiation protection of individuals and its optimization;
  • development of lead free nanocomposites for radiation shielding;
  • development of new materials for radiation detectors;
  • modification of materials properties using high energy beams;
  • modelling of energy transport processes in irradiated materials.


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