Research group - Modelling, Development and Application of Microelectromechanical Systems

Research group mission – creation of the new technologies and high added value products by using recent knowledge of electronics, mechanics, material science and information technologies. Topics: micromachining technologies; MEMS design and simulation; design and application of electrostatic MEMS in microsensors and microactuators; digital control and robotization of manufacturing processes; solutions for energy conservation and recycling. Current themes: miniaturized high sensitivity and selectivity sensors for greenhouse effect gases; miniaturized biosensors with microchannel integrated MEMS; electrostatic energy transducers for parametric speakers; system of mobile autonomous storage robots.


Priorities of R&D Activities Digital Transformation
Transformation of Industry
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
New production processes, materials and technologies
Research Fields
Biomedical Engineering and Medical Technologies
Diagnostic Technologies
Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Functional Materials and Technologies
Information and Communication Technologies





Research services

  1. Automotive diagnostics
  2. Design and research of autonomous mobile robots and their control and navigation systems for development of autonomous transport infrastructure (autonomous service robots, autonomous passengers transportation means, etc.) and intelligent logistics (robotized service of storehouses, robotized logistics of materials, etc.)
  3. Applied research of robotics workcelles. Research of application possibilities of industrial robots nonstandard usage for new production processes
  4. Recognition of objects and environment using computer vision and measurement of their quality parameters
  5. Soil water conductivity consolidation and creep tests
  6. Vehicle noise emission and vibration research
  7. Traffic safety studies
  8. Traffic flow and management studies
  9. Traffic flow management in the feasibility study
  10. Rail transport infrastructure and rolling stock research
  11. Materials and structural elements of strength, rigidity and durability research
  12. New calculation methods, the design of the structural elements of the multilayer
  13. Analysis and modeling of mechanical systems
  14. The research on the needs for welding robots in metal production and processing companies
  15. Service of electron beam lithography, laser, ultrasound and other technologies
  16. Material control of chemical composition and partial composites analysis
  17. Surface morphology and structure
  18. Transfer of 3D EBL fabricated microstructures from polymer to quartz and silicon
  19. Investigation of the surfaces of various materials
  20. Thin metal layers forming vapor deposition method
  21. Silicon nitride coatings
  22. Engineering network design. Process control and automation
  23. MEMS 2D and 3D modeling , design and analysis
  24. Critical point drying
  25. Wire bonding using ultrasonic
  26. Seach of niches in reduction of energy consumption in huoseholds
  1. Design, research and adaptation of flexible automated systems and their components
  2. Audit and Research of Energy Efficiency of buildings
  3. Design of Energy performance of buildings
  4. Thermal bridges stringers
  5. Energy Efficiency Research and Audit of net zero buildings
  6. Design and Sertification of Energy Performance of Buildings
  7. Decision support system and selection system for optimal thermal insulating solutions of the building envelopes
  8. Research, modelling and optimization of control systems
  9. Material and product testing of compressive and bending
  10. Composite materials and structures with exceptional characteristic and research their properties
  11. Strengths and stiffness research of product (assembly unit)
  12. Research of properties of structures from exceptional characteristic composite material
  13. Reasoning of the innovated and balanced design decisions and models under experimental research
  14. Design, manufacturing, testing of nonstandard equipment for research of strength and stiffness
  15. Modeling, design, production and testing of equipment for experimentation of innovated and balanced decisions from composite materials
  16. Water treatment facilities and reseach into waste utilization
  17. Consulting on applications of optimization algorithms
  18. Electronic circuit design and prototyping
  19. Development of data and image processing algorithms and hardware
  20. Design and prototyping of MEMS
  21. Metalls and alloys hardness measurement
  22. Surface roughess measuring
  23. Determination of thermal defects in buildings
  24. Geodetic measurements of the territory
  25. Metalls and aloys structure analysis
  26. Determination of the condition of reinforced concrete structures in a non-destructive way in the object itself
  27. Automotive diagnostics