Interdisciplinary research group – Language and Technologies

The aim of the research group is to conduct research on the interaction between language and technology, e.g. machine translation, translation memories, localization, speech recognition, etc., as well as on the impact of language technologies on society in the interdisciplinary research and study context.

The research group undertakes interdisciplinary research into language and translation through the technological lens, in relation to either the methodological approaches or the impact on the society.

Research topics include

  1. Translation and localisation technologies: Machine translation and post-editing; Eye-tracking in translation; Project management in translation and localisation; Subtitling technologies
  2. Language technologies: Speech recognition
  3. Technopedagogy in languages: Crowdsourcing techniques in language learning

Additional research topics include translation in the context of modern state building processes and technologization and the role of translators in establishing Lithuanian identity in the 20th century.

Research Priority Areas Sustainable Growth and Sustainable Socio-Culture Development
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities Inclusive and creative society




1. Kasperavičienė, Ramunė; Motiejūnienė, Jurgita; Patašienė, Irena. Quality assessment of machine translation output: cognitive evaluation approach in an eye tracking experiment // Texto livre: linguagem e tecnologia. Belo Horizonte : Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. eISSN 1983-3652. 2020, vol. 13, iss. 2, p. 1-16. DOI: 10.17851/1983-3652.13.2.%25p

2. Maumevičienė, Dainora. From the marginality towards the centre: the case of localisation // Acta translatologica helsingiensia (ATH). Helsinki : University of Helsinki. ISSN 1799-3156. 2020, vol. 4: Marginalia, p. 118-132. Access via:

3. Arhar Holdt, Špela; Zviel-Girshin, Rina; Gajek, Elżbieta; Durán-Muñoz, Isabel; Bago, Petra; Fort, Karën; Hatipoglu, Ciler; Kasperavičienė, Ramunė; Koeva, Svetla; Lazić Konjik, Ivana; Miloshevska, Lina; Ordulj, Antonia; Rodosthenous, Christos; Volodina, Elena; Weber, Tassja; Zanasi, Lorenzo. Language teachers and crowdsourcing: insights from a cross-European survey // Rasprave: časopis instituta za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje. Zagreb : Institut za Hrvatski Jezik i Jezikoslovlje. ISSN 1331-6745. eISSN 1849-0379. 2020, vol. 46, iss. 1, p. 1-28. DOI: 10.31724/rihjj.46.1.1

4. Maksvytytė, Jūratė. Culture-bound elements: rendering and preserving in translation // Studia translatorica = Translation studies. Wrocław : Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT. ISSN 2084-3321. eISSN 2657-4802. 2019, No. 10, p. 253-264. DOI: 23817/strans.10-17

5. Motiejūnienė, Jurgita; Kasperavičienė, Ramunė. Translation project management – an ultimate skill for translators? // Current trends in translation teaching and learning E (CTTL E). Helsinki : University of Helsinki. 2019, vol. 6, p. 160-192. Access via:


Research projects


Research services

  1. Impact between language and technology
  2. Software and game localization
  3. Technopedagogy in languages
  4. Subtitling and dubbing of Lithuanian movies in post-soviet Lithuania
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