Research group - Internet of Things and Services

Centre of Real Time Computer Systems (CRTCS) performs applied leading research on smart environments and the Internet of Things and Services (IoT&S). Since the year 2000, Centre performs research on smart homes. Methods, algorithms and technologies, created by the scientists of CRTCS, enable the implementation of innovative systems of smart environments, smart systems and IoT, as well as home systems with services designed for them. Innovations created at the Centre are based on an open architecture model, which allows integration of various third-party services – thus creating new business models for potential providers of services for smart environments. Production development (Industry 4,0) - products created, designed and manufactured at the Centre are competitive, distinguished by intellectual solutions, increased functionality and lower price. Consultation services - consultations for specialists of industrial companies as a one-stop-shop via the open access of the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (NIEC) at the valley Santaka. Centre scientists and researchers have expertise in the following areas: modelling and creation of smart environment and smart house systems; Internet of Things and Services; modelling and creation of embedded systems; agent and multi-agent systems; artificial intellect and decision making; formal modelling and extensive experience in designing, creation and installation of various IT solutions. The Center is currently implementing the H2020 project InnoITeam, which launches the Center for Internet Excellence for ICT & IoT in the Baltic sea region. Research laboratories at the Centre: Laboratory of Smart Systems, Laboratory of Internet of Things Technologies, Laboratory of Internet of Things Services, Laboratory of System Design and Prototyping.

Research topics:

  1. Real-time systems
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) and services
  3. Smart homes• Smart home services
  4. Multiagent systems
  5. Soft computing, fuzzy and verbal logic and decision support systems
  6. Digital signal processing
  7. IPTV and e-content
  8. Systems integration solutions
  9. Human-computer interaction
  10. Cognitive systems
  11.  Explainable artificial intelligence


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