Research group - Educational Research

Research topic – empowering educational and learning environments, strategies and technologies.The vision of the research group – to develop the fundamental and applied knowledge in Educational sciences, to foster the development of the intelligent society of Lithuania, accumulating the thesaurus of educational knowledge and using them for people who live in Lithuania and Lithuanian citizens abroad through creating educational conditions and engaging them in active life and work activities.


Priorities of R&D Activities Smart Cities and Resilient Communities
Lithuanian Smart Specialization Areas and Priorities
Inclusive and creative society
Research Fields
Educational Environments and Technologies
Organisational Development



Doctoral students

1. Vilma Sukackė S 007 Teachers’ Activities when Implementing Learning Objects in Teaching Foreign Languages
2. Julija Kubova S 007 Development of the students’ competence in identifying and using potential learning environments at the university
3. Sandrita Škėrienė S 007 The educational environments of university enabling students to develop value-based problem solving capabilities



Research services